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Welcome to This website is an important tool to ensure all of us can contribute our ideas on tax reform. We want to lower the overall tax burden in Wisconsin--with even more tax relief than the $1.5 billion the Governor has already signed into law. To use this website, you can scan through the latest news on our tax reform roundtables, take a look at the plan to return our current surplus to you in more tax relief, and get informed on Wisconsin’s current tax rankings. Then, give us your ideas at the bottom of the page. Thanks for visiting and for sharing your input.

- Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
- Revenue Secretary Rick Chandler

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Blueprint for Prosperity

Governor Walker’s administration is committed to providing tax relief to Wisconsin’s families, farmers, seniors, and employers. While Lt. Governor Kleefisch and Secretary Chandler are undertaking these roundtable conversations to gather ideas for fundamental tax reform in the future, Wisconsin currently has a $911 million surplus thanks to a growing economy and prudent fiscal management.

In his State of the State address, Governor Walker proposed giving the vast majority of that money back to the hard-working taxpayers who earned it. If you're interested in a graphical presentation of the Blueprint for Prosperity please view this powerpoint. You can learn more about Governor Walker’s Blueprint for Prosperity, as well as how to contact your legislator to support it, at

And here on this website you can give us your ideas for long-term, fundamental tax reform for Wisconsin’s future.

Learn about Wisconsin Taxes

As we travel the state, we always start with this introductory presentation to give a baseline of information for the conversation to follow. Please take a few minutes to learn about Wisconsin’s taxes, our economy, and those of other states.

If you’re interested in learning more about taxation in Wisconsin in historical perspective and compared to other states, you can read this white paper on sales taxes and this white paper on income taxes.

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We need your ideas and input on how to improve taxes in Wisconsin. We're excited to read your thoughts and stories.

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