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~ William James


Charitable Giving Awards

Follow-Up Note to the 2015 Campaign:

The Office of the CIO was part of Team Five for the 2015 Charitable Giving Campaign August 3-28 with Coach Bruce Ramge from the Department of Insurance. At the September 28, 2015 Charitable Giving Picnic, Team 5 won Runner Up for the ‘Champion of Dollars’ award, won Runner Up for the ‘Champion of Givers’ award, and took home the ‘Tortoise & Hare Challenge’ award. Team Five earned a total of $102,975.00. Since the picnic in September, the awards Team Five earned have been traveling among the various agencies in the team for display.

The Charitable Giving Campaign serves many Nebraskans across the State. At this time of year, employees are asked to complete pledge cards to raise funds for over 450 approved Charitable Organizations throughout the State. Many of us have or know someone who has benefitted from the services provided by such member agencies as YWCA, Salvation Army, Cedars Youth Services, The Children's Zoo or even the Capital Humane Society. 2016 brochure (pdf)

This website was first developed so colleagues could voice their experiences as recipients and donors to some of these Charitable Organizations represented in the campaign. This campaign for the State of Nebraska makes a difference in the lives of people and in your life too!

If you would like to provide a written or video testimonial about your experience, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Tami Rupe at 402-471-7301.

CAMPAIGN: This annual campaign is the official workplace giving campaign for State employees. The Governor has challenged all State agencies to a competition to raise the most in additional unnamed funds to go to charity. All agencies are divided into five teams. The OCIO is on Team 5 with our coach Bruce Ramge-Department of Insurance Director.

Pledge Cards: Permanent FTE employees are asked to complete Pledge Cards and commit to either a deduction per pay period or a lump sum amount to be taken from their paychecks for the year. Contractors and Temporary employees may make a lump sum donation. Pledge cards will be handed out at the kick-off meeting and are due back to Gloria Esquivel by August 30th.