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The Idaho Division of Veterans Services operates three Veterans Homes in Boise, Lewiston and Pocatello.
Stars and Stripes fly in silent vigil 24 hours a day on a hilltop overlooking the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery.
Dedicated to serving Idaho’s veterans and their families by providing superior advocacy and a multitude of benefits.
Learn how Idaho Veterans can take full advantage of the GI Bills, On the Job Training, and Apprenticeship programs.
Many veterans do not know or are unaware of the benefits and services that they may receive.
Check out our publications library, photo gallery, links to other Veterans Organizations, events, and more!
Administrator's News
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Cemetery Administration announced its purchase of 8.11 acres from a private owner for $51,250, to est
Lest We Forget: Lessons From The Forgotten War This short, 2.5 minute piece offer a context for WWI and what it actually means to us today.
The Disabled Veterans Elk Hunt is an annual all-expenses-paid Elk Hunt sponsored by an anonymous local corporation for two disabled veterans.
Boise Parks & Recreation and the Capitol City VFW, are proud to offer Idaho veterans, their families and friends, the opportunity to adopt a lasti
Provides low income individuals and families increased access to legal services
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