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ABCC makes a comprehensive and diverse set of software resources, in the field, available to researchers. The most popular program suites (and many others) used for NextGen (BWA, CisGenome, TopHat), assembly (Phred, Phrap, stacks), sequence analysis (GCG), linkage (Fastlink, RH-map, SimLink) and phylogenetic analysis (Phylip, ClustalW), and molecular modeling (Amber, Schrodinger) are installed and maintained locally.

Customized processes have also been developed in-house to alter and enhance program functionality. Such is the case with the batch support for blast where multiple sequences can be used as input at the same time, the PCR primer prediction procedure has been enhanced to produce spread-sheet ready output.

Softwares with tag means they can run online at ABCC. And softwares with tag means they can run through web service.

Follow the links below for details on the applications installed. Online access is provided for all possible applications. Check software updates Click Here.

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