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Materials Chemistry and Biomolecular Materials Program
Ames Laboratory,
Iowa State University
142 Spedding Hall
Ames, IA 50011 USA
Phone: 1-515-294-7568
FAX: 1-515-294-4709


Welcome to the Materials Chemistry and Biomolecular Materials Program at Ames Laboratory. Our program has a single overarching goal: to synthesize and to understand the basic principles governing properties and behavior of novel materials and structures. Our program is committed to world-class research currently focusing on two classes of solid-state materials:

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(1) Metal-rich inorganic solid-state phases including quasicrystalline materials; and

(2) Macromolecular systems;

In both classes, development of heretofore-unknown materials is emphasized. A synergistic combination of experiment and theory involving multi-disciplinary approaches is a hallmark of the program.

Within the first class, metal-rich solid-state phases, topics of investigation are electronic stabilization; atomic structure; surface structure and properties; solute effects; and macroscopic growth. a particular strength is our work on quasicrystalline materials, which constitute a subset of metal-rich solid-state phases.

Within the second class, macromolecular systems, the emphasis is on the development of novel polymeric and polymer-inorganic bioinspired materials that exhibit self-assembly at multiple length scales. An important aspect is the development of nuclear magnetic resonance techniques for characterization of these bioinspired materials.

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