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AESD-Worldwide (AESD-W) operates 24 hours a day, seven days per week, 365 days per year, and is responsible for incident management, request fulfillment, knowledge management and activity reporting. AESD-W is part of the AESD Federation of IT service desks which consists of theater Information Technology (IT) service desks in coordination with Regional Cyber Centers (RCCs) and selected Command IT service desks currently in operation. The AESD Federation is responsible, all or in part, for Tier 0 and 1 IT service desk support for Joint, Enterprise, Theater, Regional, Local, and Command Application IT services on the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Network (NIPRNET) and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET).


Alert - CrossCert Removal Tool

If you are having difficulties accessing .mil sites after a recent software patch, please Click Here to download the latest version of the CrossCert Removal Tool.

Alert - iOS Device Enrollment Issues

For new DMUC iOS (Apple) enrollments and those devices that did not check in prior to 25OCT16 (existing iOS users are not impacted), users must install DoD Root 3 to their device prior to installing and enrolling with MobileIron. If you receive an error message similar to “The server certificate for is invalid” when attempting to use a MobileIron PIN to activate an iOS device proceed with the following steps:

1. Using Safari on the iOS device go to and check for DoD root CA 3 installation.
2. Tap "Install" twice, and then "Done."
3. Once you complete these steps you should see "Verified" in green.
4. You can then proceed to enroll to re-establish services.

If this does not rectify the issue, please submit a ticket to AESD-W

Alert - Changes to Inbound Enterprise Email

Inbound emails containing active links coming from outside the DoD (i.e. not having a .mil address) are having their links disabled.

Please Click Here for more information.

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