An IETM solution for the modern world.

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If you are having trouble with IADS, it may be caused by MacAfee Antivirus blocking parts of the program from running. The temporary solution to this is to download our full installer and select the "Multi-User" option. This will require administrator rights to complete (after unzipping, right click IADS_setup.exe and choose "Run as Administrator").


Modern interface

New look-and-feel is designed to be easy-to-use, functional, and efficient.

Render directly from XML

Import XML without preprocessing. Make changes in your data and see the result immediately.

Multiple tabs

Open multiple documents at once using the “Open in New Tab” option.

Integrated multimedia

The graphics split-screen can now play videos & flash content without launching another program.

Simplified search

Searching is now simpler and more powerful. Just enter what you’re looking for and IADS4 will find it.

Enhanced printing

All figures are now printed inline with other content.

Export to PDF

Export documents to PDF files with the click of a button.

Automatic software updates

IADS4 will always be up-to-date with automatic updates. (Requires Internet access)

Establishing a New Standard for IETM Creation and Distribution

IADS4 has a new user interface, but it is more than just a facelift. We have completely redesigned IADS4 to provide a more focused product with many benefits for IETM authors. Authors are now able to make updates to their data and see the changes in their IETM immediately. The days of waiting hours or days for conversion tools to generate IETM files are gone. IADS4 uses military standard (40051/38784/63029/S1000D) files directly.

IETM distribution has been drastically simplied by using single file format (similar to a zip file) for IETM data. These files can be burned to a CD, saved to a network location, or posted to a secure web server.

Upcoming Events

Please see the training schedule below. All classes are held at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama. This class consists of an introduction to XML, DTDs, and IADS4. Please contact support for more information.


  • July 12-14
  • August 9-10
  • September 13-15
  • October 18-20
  • November 1-3
  • December 6-8

About IADS

IADS is a U.S. Army funded project originally developed to eliminate the need for paper technical manuals in the field through creating and distributing technical manuals in electronic format.

The team behind IADS has been developing IETM software since 1989. What originated as a “paperless” initiative has become a full-featured application with many features users are familiar with from other programs including navigation history and search capabilities.

IADS4 is a brand new IETM solution designed from the ground up to provide a modern, user-friendly, effective package.

To view the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN), Visit NETCOM (CAC Required).