Individual Soldier Orders Viewer.  Active and Reserve Component Soldiers can view and download TCS and COADOS orders from this webpage as a consolidated location for all deployment and mobilization related orders produced in DAMPS systems.  Login using your AKO username or CAC.

Unit Mobilization Orders.  DAMPS-U produces and maintains First Army unit mobilization orders.  These orders provide the funding and authority for the mobilized unit to move from home station to the mob station based on the DA Mob Order and First Army mob station assignments.  Once the DAMPS-U order is issued, other commands can issue the individual mobilization orders for the members of the unit.  Register for access on the login page with your CAC.

Individual TCS Orders System.  Produces and maintains individual Soldier Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) Temporary Change of Station (TCS) orders.  IMCOM installations use OCOTCS to produce TCS orders for AC and RC Soldiers deploying in support of OCO missions.  Login using your CAC.

Individual Active Duty Orders System.  Produces and maintains the individual orders for RC Soldiers on Contingency Operations –Active Duty for Operational Support (CO-ADOS) tours.  (For CO-ADOS orders issued after 1 OCT 10).  Login using your CAC.

Post, find and volunteer for Active Duty tours.  Tour of Duty (TOD) is a system for advertising AD opportunities where RC Soldiers can look for available tours that match their skills and desire to serve.  Soldiers can volunteer for consideration for the tours and the hiring commands can screen and recommend interested candidates as part of the TOD process.  Soldiers recommended to fill the tours sign automatically generated request packets in TOD.  When the packet has completed processing, it will automatically migrate to the next system in the process.