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The Administrative Simplification provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandated the adoption of standard unique identifiers for health care providers and health plans. The purpose of these provisions is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the electronic transmission of health information. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) to assign these unique identifiers.
How to apply for an NPI
Individual Providers:
As an Individual Provider, you may only have a single NPI, which will be associated with your unique, individual information. Once you login to NPPES, you will be able to complete your NPI application.
  1. Create a Login through the Identity & Access Management System (I&A).
  2. Login to NPPES with your I&A Username and password.
  3. Complete the NPI application. Estimated time to complete the NPI application form is 20 minutes.
Healthcare Provider Organizations:
Healthcare Organizations are currently required to have a separate Username and password for each NPI associated with the organization.

  1. Create an NPPES ONLY Username and password for the NPI you are applying for.
  2. Complete the NPI application. Estimated time to complete the NPI application form is 20 minutes.

DIFFERENT LOOK, SAME INFORMATION: If you have accessed NPPES before, your existing account information has not changed.

NPI Registry  Healthcare providers create and maintain NPI records in NPPES. Our NPI Registry is a separate service that allows the public to search and view those active NPI records.

The NPI Enumerator may be contacted at the following:

NPI customer service: 800.465.3203 | 800.692.2326 (TTY) |

Our NPI Enumerator team can assist with applying for an NPI, and maintaining NPI records in NPPES.

Though the NPI Enumerator can answer many questions about the NPI and NPPES, they cannot supply advice on billing, subpart structuring, or legislation.

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NPI Application / Update Form  -  Adobe PDF [PDF File]
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NPI Final Rule  -  Adobe PDF [PDF File]

The 2004 NPI Final Rule (45 CFR Part 162) explains the federal rules and regulations for acquiring and using the National Provider Identifier. It also details the history of the NPI's development from 1998-2004.
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