Publication Services
Publication Services

Welcome to the Publication Services Division of AMCOM Logistic Center's (ALC) Supportability and Sustainment Directorate (SSD) headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Publication Services is the AMCOM Publication Control Office for Army Publishing Directorate (APD) and manages the production, maintenance and distribution of AMCOM equipment publications through the Publications Tracking System (PTS) and AMCOM 2028 Online. Publication Services also houses the repository for command authenticated publications (DM, DMRL, DMWR, MWO, TB) which are distributed electronically via AMCOM PubsOnline.

The Division employs a support team of Electronic Publication Specialists who perform production, illustration and technical writing services on electronic and paper equipment publications.

Publication Services is also the home of IADS (Interactive Authoring and Display System). IADS is a government-owned software solution for authoring and displaying interactive electronic technical manuals (IETM).

Kyell Turner, Division Chief
Shannon Marion, Applications Branch Chief
Karen Junkin, PCO, Editing & Illustration Branch Chief
Ray Barnes, Production Branch Chief
Scott Harting, Technical Writing Branch Chief

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