Welcome to the Illinois Outcomes website! In cooperation with agency providers, universities, and web programmers, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (IDCFS) created this website to track the placement, treatment, and well-being of Illinois wards. Many of the applications available through this site employ the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment instrument. To enter or view a CANS, please select the appropriate application.

Click on one of the programs listed at the top of the screen to log in and begin using the application/program. Descriptions of applications follow.

This application is intended for those involved in residential treatment of Illinois wards. Residents’ progress, functioning, placement, and other outcomes are tracked here.
This application allows for entry and monitoring of Unusual Incident Reports (UIRs) for wards in residential care and/or shelters. (Note: This application is used by residential agencies only, and the DCFS UIR system remains the official system for use by all individuals who submit UIRs.)
This application is used by clinical screeners and their supervisors within the Department’s Integrated Assessment Program to score the CANS on clients screened.
This application is intended for the CAYIT reviewers to be used in treatment planning and guidance in determining placement type during the CAYIT.
This application allows a caseworker, supervisor, or manager to view any existing CANS assessment for any assigned open case. If the individual is certified in the CANS, he or she may also create a new CANS assessment. (Note: Intact family cases are not currently available in the CWS-CANS application.)
Facility Reporting
This application is intended for Residential Performance Monitors and Residential facility staff to complete and respond to certain types of reports. Residential facility staff record and submit Clinical Staffing Reports (CSRs) and Residential Performance Monitors review and respond to those CSRs. Residential Performance Monitors record and submit Facility Observation Reports (FORs), e.g. currently the Clinical Staffing Report-Staffing Evaluations (CSR-SEs), and Residential facility staff respond to those CSR-SEs. Additional FORs, including the Milieu Observation, Meeting/Other Staffing, File Review, and UIR/906 Fidelity Review reports are in development.
This link provides application-specific reports. A user is able to open a report only if he or she has appropriate permission for the related application. Reports currently available relate primarily to residential facilities.
Provider Database
This application is a searchable catalogue of community-based resources addressing the needs of children and families. Users may search the system with a child’s case ID, or may select services within a given area, and may obtain details about programs and services.
Message Board
This link provides announcements about the Illinois Outcomes website.
Call the DCFS OITS Help Desk at 1-800-610-2089 or send an e-mail through this link.