Billable Software Installation Request

C&SS can provide you with certain software titles, billing the cost to an authorized Center Number. The following products are currently available:

  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • MacVector NCI License
  • Adobe After Effects
  • MacVector Personal License
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Mathematica
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Microsoft Office for VM software
  • Adobe Illustrator CC
  • Microsoft Project 2010
  • Adobe Indesign CC
  • Microsoft Visio 2010
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Parallels for Mac
  • Biobase
  • SAS Analytics Pro 9.4 or 9.3
  • BYOD Enroll (GOOD software)
  • SAS Advanced Analytics & Data Access 9.3 or 9.4
  • FileMaker Pro
  • SPSS Customized Bundle
  • Filemaker Pro Advanced
  • SPSS Professional Bundle
  • FileMaker Server
  • SPSS Premium Bundle
  • GraphPad Prism
  • JMP (all versions)
  • Tibco Spotfire S+
  • Lync Enterprise Client
  • Windows 7 for VM software

After submitting this online form, your request will be reviewed by the supervisor you specify and, if approved, a technician will be scheduled for installation. Information regarding other site-licensed software freely available through the Frederick Helpdesk can be found at:

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