Nebraska Attorney General's Office

Office Overview

The Nebraska Department of Justice/Office of the Attorney General operates, in many respects, as the “State’s law firm.”  The office is headed by the Nebraska Attorney General, an independently-elected constitutional officer, and is a diverse organization of highly specialized attorneys and support staff.  The Attorney General’s Office is the largest “law firm” in Nebraska outside of Omaha. 

Major Duties

  • Uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of the State of Nebraska;
  • Promote and support strong law enforcement;
  • Achieve a higher level of public safety and security by promoting vigorous prosecution of murderers, drug dealers, child abusers and other criminals;
  • Provide skilled assistance to local prosecutors in fighting illegal drugs and prosecuting child sexual abuse;
  • Prosecute consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices, and protect Nebraskans from fraudulent business activities and scams by educating consumers;
  • Advise state officials and agencies on proper legal compliance;
  • Defend Nebraska’s interests in disputes with other state over water rights and overreach by Federal agencies;
  • Protect the public health and safety of Nebraskans by pursuing disciplinary actions when necessary against health care professionals who endanger the public by violations of health regulations and drug laws;
  • Provide professional legal representation in all civil proceedings on behalf of the State.


  • Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources (AENR)
  • Civil Litigation
  • Criminal
  • Legal Services
  • Public Protection