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The KyGeoNet is the Geospatial Data Clearinghouse for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. A variety of datasets can be located and downloaded, static map products can be viewed, and many web mapping applications and services are easily accessible. Use the powerful search capabilities of the KyGeoPortal to find downloadable data, explore Kentucky using the web maps found on the KyGovMaps page or connect directly to our Web Mapping Services using ArcGIS for Desktop.


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Web Mapping Services


Kentucky's dedicated ArcGIS Server for publicly accessible map services is known as kygisserver.  All services located on this server are offered in Web Mercator - 102100 (3857) so they can be easily leveraged in web mapping applications.
Both dynamic and cached base map services can be found on kygisserver.  Updates to these services are performed on a regular basis.
Use the link to the REST endpoint provided below for a full listing of services and specific service information.
REST Endpoint


Kentucky's dedicated ArcGIS Server for publicly accessible image services is known as kyraster.  All services located on this server are offered in Kentucky Single Zone - 102763 (3089) and a subset are also offered in Web Mercator - 102100 (3857).
Both imagery and elevation services are can be found on kyraster.  New services are created as data is made available to DGI.
Use the link to the REST endpoint provided below for a full listing of services and specific service information.
REST Endpoint

Guidance Documents

The links below provide guidance on how to connect to the Commonwealth's ArcGIS Server Services using ArcMap.
Connecting to Map Services
Connecting to Image Services

KyGeoNet News

Cached Base Maps Updated
November, 2016
Both the Commonwealth Map and the Commonwealth Street Map caches have been updated and placed into production. These services are based upon the most current vector data and include high resolution imagery from the KyFromAbove effort and the 2016 NAIP Imagery from USDA. Other changes include new annotation settings, the most current Land Cover data from 2011, and inclusion of additional NHD features. Explore the Commonwealth!
Commonwealth Map Viewer
Commonwealth Map REST Endpoint
Street Base REST Endpoint
KyFromAbove Point Cloud Data Published
October, 2016
Point Cloud data acquired through the KyFromAbove effort (2012-2016) has been published to the KyGeoPortal and is now available for download in LAZ format. Use the links below to view the data specifications, download links, and an easy to use web map. Explore the Commonwealth!
Index Grid
Web Map
WMS & KML Enabled on Map Services
June, 2016
All of DGI's web mapping services can now be accessed via WMS or KML. Enabling this functionality will allow a wider range of clients to access the Commonwealth's web mapping services. Several open source based software packages and more common tools like Google Earth can now easily leverage Kentucky's services. Use the REST endpoint link below to Explore the Commonwealth!
Map Server REST Endpoint
New Kentucky Story Maps Published
September, 2015
DGI Staff just released two new Kentucky Story Maps. One highlights National Register Historic Landmarks and the other focuses on a Decade of NAIP Imagery in Kentucky. Both have been added to the Story Map Gallery and were built using ArcGIS Online and Esri's Story Map templates. Explore the Commonwealth!
Kentucky Story Map Gallery


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Division of Geographic Information
669 Chamberlin Avenue
Frankfort, KY 40601
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