TrekkSoft Goes All In with HubSpot to Boost Leads by 376%

Swiss-based TrekkSoft provides software for the tours and activity market. It noticed that the demand for online booking solutions was rapidly increasing, and the collection of disparate marketing tools it was using weren’t in sync with each other and couldn’t deliver the great results it was looking for. TrekkSoft needed a better solution to help it increase visitors, leads and customers. The company selected HubSpot in late 2014 and since then it has grown exponentially, expanding its team to over 40 employees. In the past year, TrekkSoft has increased its social media leads by 12X and its organic traffic by 429%, while new leads have been boosted by 376%.


Increase in leads


Increase in organic traffic


Growth in leads from social media

TrekkSoft Team


Founded in 2010 in Switzerland, TrekkSoft grew rapidly to become one of the leading software as a service providers for the tours and activity market. With its product, customers can streamline their online booking process, whether by integrating the software with their existing website or building a new optimised website. With the mobile solution, it is also possible to use any device to manage tours and accept online payments. Thanks to its dynamic team of travel professionals and IT experts, TrekkSoft has built up a loyal client base and continues its expansion in Europe and beyond.

Finding a Platform for Success

TrekkSoft is a leading SaaS business which focusses on the tour and activity industry. By 2014, it had grown rapidly, but its marketing efforts hadn’t kept up with the pace. It was using some marketing tools, but they weren’t integrated or powerful enough to deliver the results it needed.

According to Lucy Fuggle, head of content marketing at TrekkSoft: “We had to deal with a lot of inefficiencies. It was difficult to keep our content and contacts in sync. We wanted everything in the one place, on an SEO-friendly platform that would provide us with quality insights that we could easily act on.”

Jon Fauver, CEO and co-founder of TrekkSoft, also wanted to implement a marketing strategy that focussed on building a lasting relationship with the customer. TrekkSoft’s journey to adopting HubSpot is in itself a testimonial to the power of HubSpot's inbound marketing philosophy. Jon was an early consumer of HubSpot’s own content, starting with the “Is Social Media Really the Future of Online Marketing” webinar in 2010. Four years later he was still consuming HubSpot content when he began looking for a solution for TrekkSoft.  After a demonstration of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, he was convinced; TrekkSoft signed on the dotted line in late 2014.

“HubSpot is the ideal marketing companion for a team focussed on growth,” explains Lucy. “It has everything you need: tools for blogging and landing page creation, email management, SEO optimisation, thorough analytics, a CRM and more.”

"One of the great things about HubSpot is that they are with us every step of the way and a role model for SaaS industry best practices. We have ended up modeling many of our own processes on our experience with HubSpot."

Jon Fauver

CEO and Co-founder


The Building Blocks of a New Inbound Strategy

One of the first things that TrekkSoft did was set up its blog on the Blog App. Before working with HubSpot, the company had hosted it on WordPress, which didn’t have the SEO optimisation and data tracking features it needed.

“The Blog App is a favourite of mine,” says Lucy. “I particularly like the integrated analytics, which let me see where visitors are coming from and what posts are generating leads. We can then act on this data to better tailor our content and boost performance across all blogs and marketing efforts.”

TrekkSoft also hosts ebooks, articles and webinars on Landing Pages, adding Forms and CTAs to drive user engagement. Leads and visitors who interact with the content are nurtured with Workflows to ensure they receive the content that is most relevant to them at the time and move them through the buyer’s journey.

All these steps helped TrekkSoft to increase the ROI of its marketing, but Lucy knew that there was still more that it could do with the HubSpot software. “Until late 2015, we were still hosting our main website pages on a different content management system which was affecting our growth and our ability to move forward. We were delighted when we made the move over to the HubSpot COS and saw results almost immediately.”

"HubSpot's CRM means our sales team can work in a more organised and professional way, which has resulted in more trust from our leads and more subscriptions with a higher annual value."

Anthony Rodrick

VP of Sales


Great Results That Keep Getting Better

Since partnering with HubSpot, TrekkSoft’s marketing has become more efficient and aligned with sales, says Lucy, “It's made everything more streamlined and straightforward for us.”

And the company is certainly reaping the rewards of its efforts. In the past six months, it has expanded its team from 15 to 40 employees, new leads have been boosted by 109%, while marketing qualified leads are up by 92%. As well as this, it has seen a 12X increase in social media contacts over the past four months and a 2X increase in organic traffic over the past six months.

Anthony Rodrick, VP of Sales says, "It’s the best CRM we’ve ever used. It aligns all of our departments and is the ideal tool for our sales team, especially when it comes to lead scoring and tracking calls and contacts."

TrekkSoft’s content has been crucial to its marketing success. One of its ebooks, a social media handbook for tour and activity providers, has been downloaded more than 5,000 times, and TrekkSoft gained 3,000 new contacts through the landing page’s submission form.

Lucy says that collaboration between HubSpot and TrekkSoft is one that will continue for many years to come. “It’s a companion to our business and it’s in sync with where we’re heading. That’s so valuable for a company trying to scale and get huge results from their marketing. We want to keep growing; we’re doubling our revenue every year, and we need a solution that is going to grow with us, not limit us.”

“HubSpot is perfectly suited to TrekkSoft. It’s a great platform and I’m confident that it is going to continue to help us to grow, reach new people and build our brand,” adds Lucy.


"We’ve turned our website into a lead generation machine. Our salespeople don’t have to ask for leads anymore."

Lucy Fuggle

Head of Content Marketing


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