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What is Body Sense Health Care & Nutrition LLC?


Body Sense Health Care & Nutrition LLC was created to bring healthcare today back to its original roots. From the beginning of our human race’s existence, we have learned and observed that our bodies have the capability to miraculously heal. Over time, humans have discovered natural ways to stimulate and aid their bodies to remain healthy and heal when they are not well. Through our body's innate need to be balanced and the human capacity for faith, it is possible to heal without using traditional medicines.

Since the onset of medicinal science, we have strayed away from these naturistic ways  and developed a trend of focusing on our symptoms and ways to cure them instead of the initial problems that caused them to develop. True healing—healing that eliminates  the cause as well as the symptoms—can be achieved by figuring out why a symptom has developed and fixing that issue. Without the cause, the symptom no longer plagues the body.

Today, our surrounding environments and everyday activities cause us to come in contact with agents and toxins that can be harmful to our bodies. Now more than ever, it is important for us to be aware of the effects of our surroundings like the food we eat, our environment, and other elements of our daily life and what they are doing to our bodies. When we do develop diseases, aches, pains, and other health issues, they can be  treated in a natural, harmless way.

The services offered at Body Sense Health Care & Nutrition LLC are based on holistic practices that are designed to help heal people in a natural way in order to optimize maximum health without doing extra harm to the body. My practice is based on a strong faith in God and does incorporate emotions like faith, hope, and trust.

My services will not only help you to figure out what your body needs to be healthy, but you will be given the resources and knowledge to better understand what you can do for yourself in order to maintain your optimum health within a welcoming and understanding environment.





*I am not a medical professional, and can not treat, cure or diagnose you. Always consult a doctor first. If your doctor is not trained in Kinesiology, do your own research. We are our own advocate.*

Body Sense Health Care & Nutrition LLC. 190 Main Street Suite #3 Attica, NY 14011 585-708-4020


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