Horse Portraits by Sandra Palme

Equine Artwork by UK Artist

I’m an equine artist and, more importantly, a horse person and had my own horse – an Icelandic gelding called ‘Kolbakur‘ – for almost 17 years.

Horses are beautiful and majestic and so wonderful to watch and be around.
So I really enjoy drawing horse portraits – and being familiar with a horse’s anatomy, the different breeds and tack does help when I create horse art. I know exactly how much you love your horse or pony. You can trust me to create a very good likeness. I can even ‘remove’ halters and bridles that your horse might be wearing in the chosen reference photo if you prefer a more ‘natural’ look. All I need is a very good reference photo. The two most popular options for horse portraits are pastels and charcoal. I have painted many different pony and horse breeds, from tiny Shetlands to Welsh Ponies and Arabians to Shire Horses. I love them all!
Below, you can find a selection of my horse portraits – just click on the gallery you’re interested in (equine paintings in pastels, charcoal and watercolour ):

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