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01 November 2013

The Twelve Tribes in Germany, part 5

Photo by A. Stahl

 Here are the most recent updates on the case:

The cost of home care of the Twelve Tribes children would cost the county about 130 euros per day -  per child. The chief youth officer, Kanth  told the Donauwörther newspaper. Only five of the 22 children were placed with foster families. This form of "foster care" is clearly the cheaper option.
Likewise, Kanth's statement to DZ oh his visit with the 22 children; "They are open and take on what you offer them."
Augsburger Allgemeine: Action against the Twelve Tribes religious community is expensive
 The members of the faith "Twelve Tribes" have to accept the report of Wolfram Kuhnigk for "RTL Extra". A judgment of the Higher Regional Court of Cologne has been confirmed by the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe yesterday. This goes out to several media reports from here. The expression and press freedom prevails in this case and superceeds the general personal rights of the members of the Twelve Tribes. The text of the decision (AZ: BvR 2519/13)
Donau-Ries Aktuell: Twelve Tribes - Movie recording by RTL is not illegal
 The District Court and the High Court (OLG) Köln refused to stop RTL broadcasting the documentary. The dissemination of information, while acquired unlawfully or in secret, fell within the scope of freedom of expression and freedom of the press, said the Court of Appeals. Because of the substantial public interest the personal rights of the cult members are set aside. Federal Court - "Twelve Tribes" must accept RTL report about child abuse

This is a small victory, but in the lives of the children concerned; a very large one.

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  1. Even though it is awful that two children went missing (see below), it may be a wake-up call to the authorities. It may even lead to the decision that it is not a good idea to ever give the remaining children back to their parents.

    Also there seems to be support, moral and financial, by a Swiss man of dubious character:
    Officially he has nothing to do with the missing children but he has hinted at the fact that he knows where they are...

  2. where are the other children placed if they are not in foster care?

    1. They are in care homes that cost a ton of money per day per child; which is then billed to the parents to pay.

  3. Ah, not so easy in the case of the TT: As the members of the sect have given up all their possessions, i.e. their savings, property etc. etc., they are legally poor. So they cannot be billed.

    1. Exactly. It's like trying to get blood from a turnip.