Preparing for an Organized Divorce Modules

A series of information modules have been designed to give you additional assistance with each area of preparing for an organized divorce. They have been formatted to use in conjunction with the Checklists and Summary Sheets.

Module # 1 Creating a Filing System for your Separation and Divorce
Separation and Divorce involve a tremendous amount of paperwork. Divorce Matters will help you create a simple, straightforward filing system to get organized, and stay organized. When you are able to locate your documents and information easily, hours of wasted time for both you and your legal team will be avoided. Saving time means saving you money.

Module # 2 Creating a Separation and Divorce Calendar
The process of Separation and Divorce is time-consuming. You will have to manage your current life and work obligations as well as additional responsibilities such as co-ordinating legal/financial appointments, new childcare arrangements, and deadlines for legal documents. Divorce Matters will help you develop a customized calendar to stay on track and on time.

Module # 3 Creating a Contact List
Separation and Divorce impact every aspect of your life, including changing all passwords, locating and reviewing all assets and debts, and advising individuals and companies of your changed marital status. Divorce Matters will help you consolidate this information in a personalized Contact Summary List specifically designed to keep an accurate, current record of your contacts, and the institutions that you deal with.

Module # 4 Ensuring Your Privacy
Passwords are critical to protecting your privacy – and your assets. For almost everything you do on a computer, or in your interactions with the companies you do business with (credit cards, banks, hydro, heating companies,) there is a password. You may have always used the same password, you and your spouse may have shared passwords, or your spouse may know all your passwords. Divorce Matters will help you identify and change all passwords to ensure your privacy, so that no one else can access your accounts or communications.

Module # 5 Communications with your Legal Team
Meetings with your lawyer and other members of your legal team, involve receiving and sharing a great deal of information, both about the process of Separation and Divorce in general, and the specifics of your situation. Divorce Matters will help you set up a system to keep a record of all meetings and communications ensuring that you are not dependent on your memory, but have notes to remind you of subjects discussed, outstanding tasks, and issues you need to follow up on.

Module # 6 The Importance of a Credit Report and Credit Score
It is vitally important that you protect yourself financially, and information is the key to protection. There may be credit cards and accounts, that were opened many years ago and that you have long since forgotten. You may be listed as a “joint owner” on accounts in your spouse’s name, which may make you liable for debts you didn’t authorize. Or there may be accounts you are not even aware of. An updated Credit Report and Credit Score will give you complete information about the existence of any open accounts for which you may have responsibility, your current credit rating, and your overall financial health. Divorce Matters will help you obtain these reports and provide guidance to ensure that the information on your report is accurate and up-to-date.

Module # 7 Financial Information – What You Need and How to Find It
As part of a Separation and Divorce process, it is crucial to gather detailed information about all of your income, expenses, assets and debts. You may not be aware of the information you will need, or how to find it. Errors, omissions and a lack of knowledge in this crucial area will have an impact on every part of your divorce settlement, and therefore on the rest of your life. Divorce Matters will help you locate, and assist you with understanding how to organize this information so that it will be easier for your lawyer to plan for the best possible outcome for you. Remember – you need to protect your financial future.

Module # 8 Financial Forms 13, 13.1, 13A, 13B, 13C – The Province of Ontario Financial Forms – Locating the Information You Need
Separation and Divorce is about the division of everything you own (assets) and owe (debts and liabilities). If you or your spouse is making a claim for child or spousal support, or there is property to divide, you will need to file a Financial Form. This is a sworn document which must be filled out accurately, and honestly. This task can be overwhelming, especially if you have had little or no involvement in many of the financial decisions in your marriage. Divorce Matters will assist you, section by section, in locating the information required and in summarizing it in a format most useful for you and your legal team.

A divorce organized by Divorce Matters will help you:

• Simplify the divorce process
• Reduce your legal fees
• Organize all important aspects of
your divorce
• Regain control of your life