Climate Games

We are nature defending itself.

The COP21 Climate Games are over, long live the Climate Games! After over a year of work by dedicated artists, activists, coders, developers, gamers, designers, writers, translators, performers, money launderers and many more, the Climate Games managed to live up to its claim: the world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game.

Over 14 days (29th December – 12th December 2015) whilst the the UN summit played with words 214 actions by 124 teams took place from Portugal to Paris, New York to Melbourne, Brittany to Switzerland. The Games demonstrated how disobedience is the mother of creativity within the Climate Justice movements. Check out the Awards pages to see some of the great actions and the wrap up video.

If you are interested in organizing your very own Climate Games and want advice get in touch with us via email ( There are already several other games planned, keep your eyes, ears, tendrils and paws to the ground and sign up to our email if you want climate game related news and maybe see you in action during Break Free from Fossil Fuels ( this May.

The Games

The world’s largest Disobedient Action Adventure Game

It’s December 2015. You have a heart filled with courage, a mobile phone and plans for creative mischief. Your team is ready to merge street and online disobedience. The COP21 UN climate summit is just opening in Paris. Manifestations of ‘the Mesh’ — austerity-dictating politicians, fossil fuel corporations, industry lobbyists, peddlers of false solutions and greenwashers – are converging to solve the climate catastrophe. Or so they tell us.

We are not convinced.

Your objective is to join the global movements swarming to shift the game against profit and in favour of life.

The Climate Games are where action-adventure meets actual change. Anyone can play this real-time, real-world game and turn Paris and the world into a giant, direct action playing field for climate justice. We have everything to play for – but time is running out.

Why Play?

The climate catastrophe is unraveling our life support systems and dispossessing communities everywhere. And this is just the beginning. For 20 years (hence COP21) the same players have been playing by the same rigged rules: “business as usual”. The only thing that has come out of the talks is hot air and a rise of CO2 emissions of over 60%. This absurd show cannot be left unchallenged.

A climate justice movement is rising (even faster than the temperatures and sea levels!) and Paris will be a world stage where we, people power, raise the curtain on the smoke and mirrors of false corporate promises and pierce through the Mesh’s hold on us.

We are the foxes that wake up at dawn, the mushrooms that appear overnight.
We are microbes and mountains, starfish and stardust.

We are not fighting for nature.

We are nature defending itself.

Let the games begin.

How to Play:

Climate Games in 7 simple moves

  • 1

    Form a team with friends and register online anonymously or go single-handed.

  • 2

    Plan an adventure to disrupt the workings of the Mesh – in Paris, in your own habitat or online.

  • 3

    Check out the interactive map. At any time, you can feed the Games’ collective intelligence by being ant- or eagle-like, tracing, photographing, anonymously reporting and mapping the manifestations of the Mesh onto the global gaming field. This also includes monitoring the movements of the Mesh’s sidekick, Team Blue, who will be working to spoil our fun.

  • 4

    Get ready to play at any moment between the Opening (30 Nov) and Closing round (12 Dec) as part of the day of mass action.

  • 5

    Carry out your adventure! Then anonymously post reports, images, video on the map of the global gaming field.

  • 6

    Every time you post a report, the whole game gains momentum by winning collective points. Your team can also win points and badges for effective and striking gameplay.

  • 7

    Don’t miss the magical closing awards ceremony on 13 December!

Climate Games





Register your team, get trained up in creative action, map the Mesh, and start plotting!

30 NOV 2015



To greet the opening of COP21, the Games will scrub away all signs of greenwash.

1 – 10 DEC 2015



Whilst the summit continues its bla bla the momentum of the games will build-up as actions pop up in Paris and beyond.

11 – 12 DEC 2015



As the COP21 finalises its death-dealing deal, teams will join the day of mass disobedience.

13 DEC 2015



Join us for a magical awards ceremony and celebration!

APRIL 2016



It doesn’t end in Paris. Get ready for bold escalation next year.