Sifteo Cubes

Sifteo Cubes Summary

Sifteo Cubes is an interactive gaming system that comprises 1.7-inch full-colour touchscreen blocks that communicate with each other wirelessly and respond to gesture commands from a player. They come with four games from the box, and can be expanded by downloading more games from the Sifteo app library.


Our users are not downloading games

How could we motivate users to download the Sifteo desktop software and purchase more games for their Sifteo Cubes?


I had a few theories about why only half of the user that downloaded the desktop software were not redeeming their free game, and why they weren't motivated to purchase games.

  • 1. The redeem button was too small
  • 2. The game imagery was inconsistent and confusing
  • 3. Users don't know how to put games on their cubes
  • 4. There wasn't enough information about the games to commit to buying

Design Solutions

Make sure users know how to download games.

Utilize the box estate for instructions and create a bigger download card to avoid users missing it during un-boxing. The game imagery is the same as the imagery in Sifteo Sync. The card takes you through the redeem process step by step to help the user get to their free game! I also created a getting started booklet that gave information about the games included so if they got stuck, they could reference the booklet.
packaging images | full booklet

Demo Version of Games

Working with the games team, we decided to create demo versions of the games to allow people to try games first so they would be more inclined to buy. We wanted to implement this quickly to start testing results. I designed the button interaction to download and install.
First wires | Interaction Notes

Re-design of Sifteo Sync desktop software

Through our user testing research we found that the Sifteo Sync experience was just OK. I wanted Sync to be a really tight, cohesive experience. My goals were to create more transparency in the interface so users would know how to manage and add games, and find the information they needed in order to spend money on games.


These design solutions made it to paper prototype phase. Sifteo transitioned to a lab for new product development before these solutions were implemented. We were not able to measure direct results, but from our in office testing 83% of testers redeemed the free game from the new redeem card and start up guide.