Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Multiple Connections

The past couple weeks have been spent creating websites and connections through social networks to enhance our presentation and listing of Residual Cash Blaster.

In addition we have spent some time tying up the links to our Health Wealth & Freedom marketing system that will allow you to take full advantage of the world of Internet Marketing. We have 3 product companies, 2 support sites (RCB is one of them) and 1 goal and vision to help you succeed.

Residual Cash Blaster is the opportunity you want to start first. There is no other way to kick start your home business earnings with so little invested (time and money) and to give you back very nice returns for your efforts.

Take a look at our Splash for RCB - http://rcbsplash.com/migpro

Also, take a few minutes to check out HWF - http://health-wealth-freedom.net

While you are looking around, look for our Veretekk Widget - Verrrrry Nice Stuff Guys!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th, 2010 - The Building Starts

After several days of collecting presentations and testimonials from the RCB Live Calls, along with compiling some data, and creating our Residual Cash Blaster Information Blog, we are ready to start building... The story starts today!

How fast can you and I get to $45,495 per month??

Recorded presentations 24 hours per day so you can build in any time zone...

Lets get to work with this amazing new opportunity!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got an e-mail the other day...

This is about my first exposure to Residual Cash Blaster!!

I know you have been there... an email from someone about a new business... blah, blah, blah... My box is filled with them. The one I received got the same treatment as the others (ignore), since it looked like another "gifting program".

However, for some strange reason, something told me to go back a couple days later...

Perhaps it was my respect for the lady who sent me the message, or maybe the fact that I, like so many others these days, could use a GOOD, HOT, MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY... Either way, I looked and after opening the email, something seemed like it needed further investigating.

Here is what I read:

Earn $135,000 a month with
only 600 to 700 people on your Team.
Global - Just Launched 2 days ago.
All of my positions will fill by
the weekend and move up
Signup below * Join Right now

Live calls at:

 *1pm  *7pm and *9pm Eastern 
712-432-0075  Pin 856911#
$55 for 1 spot and $165 for a tri-pack.  

My first thought; this must be another Gifting Program...
My second thought; maybe I should try a gifting program if it is THIS LUCRATIVE...
My third thought; I beeeeeetter call my friend who sent this to me and get MORE DETAILS...

Well, much to my surprize, this is not a gifting program. It is a legitimate business promoting Internet Business Building Tools, Leads, Training, etc... (nothing new) HOWEVER!!!

We have a PATENT PENDING MARKETING PLAN and that is where I started to get EXCITED!!

Check it out for yourself:
Click Residual Cash Blaster or visit our Marketing Plan page.

There are 3 basic steps here:

First you have to register with AlertPay, to send and receive money through their services. You can do this by clicking the image below...

Then, once all account verifications are completed, you visit my Residual Cash Blaster site and register for Phase One for $55.

Finally, you find 2 people and help them do the same... then repeat with each person...

This is simple, worthwhile and extremely lucrative.

All Information Pages, Presentations, Testimonials on Right Column...

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