Handmade Spring Green Tea, Good For Health, Special Taste, 100% no food additives guaranteed.

About 100greentea

100greentea belongs the Jialing govement, and it is the only official website sells the best jiaoling longevity villag spring green tea. Jiaoling local in the south of China, there is no industry, no pollution in Jiaoling, the sky is always blue, the air is always clean, it is a good place for life and food. We have the famous Jiaoling Baimei green tea, Lanyuan green tea, Huangkang green tea, we also call it "Chinese longevity Green Tea", Jiaoling green tea is considered as the best green tea in China. People from Jiaoling drink green tea every day, it is a healthful tea, special taste, the food experts pointed out that this Jiaoling green tea is better for health, and make people longevity, so Jiaoling green tea is loved by Chinese people very much.
Confirmed by modern scientific research, green tea contains more than 450 kinds of organic compounds, more than 15 kinds of inorganic minerals, most of these ingredients have health care, disease prevention effect. These natural substances in green tea ingredients for anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, anti-inflammatory and so are the special effects.