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Drinking Water Quality

The Municipal Water Quality Investigations (MWQI) section monitors water quality in the Delta for drinking water purposes. The section has one of the longest continuous monitoring programs for drinking water constituents in the Department of Water Resources. Data are generated from discrete samples collected at sampling sites throughout the Delta (Sites and Constituents) as well as from real-time instrumentation which collects drinking water data 24/7 from 4 stations in the Delta. Discrete sample data is available through the Water Data Library. Real time data is available through the California Data Exchange Center.

Much of MWQI's real time data is collated into a daily document, the Real Time Data and Daily Summary Water Quality Report that integrates MWQI's real time data with modeling to show predicted and actual values of drinking water constituents of concern as well as volumetric fingerprints of source water contributions at selected locations in the Delta. This information is used by municipalities to provide an early warning snapshot of changes in water quality. The Program is actively involved in conducting both laboratory and field research on current and emerging drinking water contaminants of concern in the Delta.

The MWQI section is guided by a drinking water "Annual Workplan" which is finalized by May 15 of each year. Agendas and Presentations from MWQI State Water Contractors “Face to Face” meetings.

Application of Molecular Tools for routine water quality monitoring - Tim Otten , PhD,MPH