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Flood Management

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Flood Management


The Department of Water Resources established the Division of Flood Management in November 1977, though flood forecasting and flood operations have been integral functions of the Department and its preceding agencies for about a century. The Department itself was created following severe flooding across Northern California in December 1955.

Today, the functions of statewide flood forecasting, flood operations, and other key flood emergency response activities are the primary missions of the Division's Hydrology and Flood Operations Office. Other components of the Division include the Delta-Suisun Marsh Office, the Flood Projects Office, the Levee Repairs and Floodplain Management Office, and the Flood Maintenance Office.

The Division of Flood Management, among several others, is carrying out the work of the Department's FloodSAFE California Program which partners with local, regional, state, tribal, and federal officials in creating sustainable, integrated flood management and emergency response systems throughout California.

1955:  The flood that led to the creation of the Department of Water Resources.

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