WaTech Shared Web Hosting tools interface

MySQL web interface

MySQL login
HTTPS Web interface with self-signed certificate The server provides a secure web-based MySQL database interface.

Secure Web based file management

Secure login
HTTPS Web FTP upload interface

Secure Web based password management

Secure login
HTTPS password management interface

Secure Web based password Recovery

Secure login
HTTPS password Recovery interface

Webanalytics reporting portal

Webanalytics login
HTTP Webanalytics interface Powered by Piwik The server provides a web-based Opensource web traffic tracking reporting portal.

Documentation portal

FAQ Description Last updated
Web-stats Understanding stats 09/30/2015
Publishnow OnDemand publishing process 09/30/2015
Random Info for placeholder Never

HTTP Web documentation interface

Shared web service

Shared web contacts
All service is provided by the CSD division of WaTech under the Shared Web Hosting support team.
David Jellison, Dave Acklam

WaTech Service Desk

WaTech Servicedesk
Contact CTS Service Desk: By Phone: 360.753.2454 By Email: servicedesk@cts.wa.gov (link sends e-mail)