WELCOME to the Kansas State Board of Examiners in Optometry! Check out this new web site for licensing and other important information related to optometry in Kansas.

Upcoming Meetings

  • November 30, 2016

    November 30, 2016
    7:30 pm Teleconference
    Members of the public wishing to attend may do so in person at the office of the Board at 3109 W 6th St, Suite B, Lawrence, KS.   
  • January 6, 2017

    January 6, 2016
    1:00 P.M.  Law Offices of Frieden, Unrein & Forbes, LLP
    1414 SW Ashworth Place, Suite 201
    Topeka, KS
  • April 27, 2017

    April 27, 2017  
    3:00 P.M.   Sheraton Overland Park
    6100 College Blvd
    Overland Park, KS

Announcements & News

  • Governor Appoints New Public Board Member

    Governor Brownback has appointed Gary Slimmer to the Kansas Board of Examiners in Optometry.  Mr Slimmer succeeds Derek Kriefels.

    Governor Brownback also reappointed Rebecca Sparks, OD to serve another 3 year term.
  • New Continuing Education Requirements

    The Board has updated  K.A.R. 65-5-6 Continuing Education:   

    No more than 4 hours of the 24 annually required hours may be obtained through observing ophthalmic surgery. 

    Total practice management hours that can be obtained yearly has been increased to four hours. 

    EVERYONE is required to have 24 hours of CE annually.
  • Updated Optometry Law

    The 2012 Legislature updated the Optometry statues.  Among the changes:  Practice of optometry is more clearly defined,  one level licensure, 24 hours of CE are now required annually for everyone including new graduates, FBI backgrounds on all new licensure applicants, creation of a litigation fund.  Please review the updated statues here. 

List of Kansas Registered Contact Lens Vendors


If your office has been contacted by an unregistered contact lens distributor selling contact lenses in Kansas, please file a complaint with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts

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