The SPECIALIST Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools have been developed by the The Lexical Systems Group of The Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications to investigate the contributions that natural language processing techniques can make to the task of mediating between the language of users and the language of online biomedical information resources. The SPECIALIST NLP Tools facilitate natural language processing by helping application developers with lexical variation and text analysis tasks in the biomedical domain. The NLP Tools are open source resources distributed subject to these terms and conditions.

  • logo of The SPECIALIST lexicon
    A large syntactic lexicon of biomedical and general English, designed to provide the information needed for the SPECIALIST NLP System.
  • logo of The SPECIALIST LexAccess
    A tool provides access to information from the SPECIALIST LEXICON.
  • logo of The SPECIALIST Lexical Tools
    A tool set designed to manage lexical variation, indexing, and normalization, etc. in biomedical text
  • The SPECIALIST text tools
    A nested set of JAVA objects designed to help users analyze free text documents into words, terms, phrases, sentences and sections.
  • logo of The SPECIALIST Text Categorization Tools
    Java version of JDI tool for categorizing biomedical text, indexing contents, and word sense disambiguation.
  • logo of Spelling resource: GSpell
    Includes two programs GSpell a spelling suggestion tool and BagOwordsPlus a phrase retrieval tool.
  • logo of dTagger
    The dTagger us a Part of Speech (POS) tagger.
  • logo of Visual Tagging Tool
    A simple, lightweight, portable, Java Swing based annotation tool to easily markup text.
  • logo of Sub-Term Mapping Tools
    A tool set designed to find prefixes, sub-terms, synonymous sub-term substitutions, and concept mapping