The Municipal Data System (MDS) is housed in the Department of Administration’s Division of Intergovernmental Relations. The site is maintained by the Municipal Boundary Review (MBR) team. The 2015-2017 Executive Budget included changes to the Secretary of State duties. All municipal records regarding change in territory that were previously submitted to the Secretary of State must now be submitted to the Department of Administration, and will be made available in the MDS. Information on submitting municipal records to the Department of Administration is here

MDS provides data and records of changes to Wisconsin municipal boundaries and a directory of municipal and county clerks. Data currently available includes all annexation ordinances recorded by the Wisconsin Secretary of State’s Office since 2000, and some that are earlier. Also included are petitions for annexation received by Municipal Boundary Review since December 2002. Some sections of the site are not yet fully populated with data, but will be updated with more data in the near future.

Petitions lists land proposed for annexation by cities and villages, and town land attachments.

Ordinances lists annexation ordinances that transfer territory between municipalities.

Boundary Agreements has information about land exchange agreements between municipalities.

Incorporations lists villages and cities incorporated since 2000.

Consolidations will list information about municipalities that have formerly consolidated their operations.

Contiguity Reviews provides information about annexations under review by the Department.

Municipal Records lists municipal records that were submitted to the Office of the Secretary of State on or before April 22, 2015.

Clerk Information is a directory of municipal and county clerks. Please send an email to MBR Team if clerk contact information needs to be updated.

Reports is a searchable database for each of the MDS sections with data that can be exported to various file formats.

Detailed information about the various means for changing municipal boundaries and related Wisconsin State Statutes is available from the Municipal Boundary Review Website. If you have questions about using the site data, please click on Help at the top of any page.

If you have additional questions, or suggestions on improving the site, please email us here: MBR Team. We look forward to hearing from you.