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Our Mission

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The mission of the Idaho State Liquor Division is to provide control over the importation, distribution, sale, and consumption of distilled spirits; curtail intemperate use of beverage alcohol; and responsibly optimize the net revenues to the citizens of Idaho.

Our Vision

The vision of the Idaho State Liquor Division is to be the most respected and highest performing purveyor of distilled spirits in the U.S.A.

The Governor's Message

The Idaho State Liquor Division’s commitment to responsible customer service and sound business principles provided substantial dividends for Gem State citizens in fiscal year 2014. It was yet another record year of net income benefiting local and state government, as well as other efforts that promote the general welfare of the people.

The Liquor Division continued to fulfill its constitutional mandate to responsibly administer the distribution of distilled spirits in Idaho. From preventing sales to under-age buyers and improving efficiencies in the distribution center to enhancing the customer experience at retail and reliably serving on-site clients, the Division exceeded expectations. While overall volume was up less than 1 percent, net revenues to stakeholders increased over 3 percent.Idaho State Liquor Store Idaho’s per capita consumption of distilled spirits remains one of the lowest in the nation despite delivering 80 percent of the revenue the State of Idaho receives from beverage alcohol sales.

In addition, the Division again had excellent success in supporting the substance abuse prevention and law enforcement communities, both of which are essential to fulfilling our goal of promoting responsible government.

The Liquor Division enhances economic opportunity for Idaho businesses in a variety of ways. The retail leases paid to private-sector landlords, the in-state transportation services provided by a local trucking company, and the full statewide distribution of Idaho-based craft distillers’ products creates meaningful economic benefits for all Idahoans.

I have great confidence in the leadership of Director Anderson, his executive team, and the Idaho State Liquor Division associates who responsibly serve us all each and every day.

The Liquor Division is Citizen Owned for the Benefit of All.