Speaker: Vincent Canfield

Talk: Tales from the Dongosphere: Lessons Learned Hosting Public E-mail for 4chan

In 2015, a malicious user sent an anonymous E-mail through my service threatening violence against schools in Los Angeles and New York. As a result, all schools in Los Angeles were closed, 610,000 students stayed home, and 1500 schools were combed through by SWAT teams for bombs that weren’t there. Because I was the only public figure involved, I faced an incredible amount of heat from the media, governments, and the public.

It hasn’t been that bad, though. Since 2013, I have been hosting anonymous, Tor-friendly E-mail @cock.li, @8chan.co, and several other domains for anyone who wants them. In this talk I candidly talk about the people I’ve met, the shit I’ve faced, and the lessons I’ve learned from hosting E-mail for 4chan.