Address Confidentiality Program

The Address Confidentiality Program (ACP), residing under the Division of Central Services (DCS), is a statewide program that provides survivors of domestic violence, sexual offenses, and/or stalking with two services: a legal substitute address for interacting with all state and local government agencies and a confidential mail forwarding service.

​Uses for the substitute address include: drivers licensing, school enrollment, human services benefits, police and court reports, voter registration records, bank accounts, and special protections on Comcast and other utility accounts.

For additional information, please click on the following links:

ACP Fact Sheet — brief overview of program 

ACP FAQs — most frequently asked questions

Application Process — for program enrollment

General Information


Rules and Laws/Statutes

Specific Agency Information  how the program interacts with state and local government agencies, including courts, law enforcement, and schools



General ACP Contact Information

1001 E. 62nd Ave., B-2  |  Denver, CO 80216

Phone: 303-866-2208  |


(Note: If the e-mail address is not opening your e-mail application, you will need to right click on the address, copy e-mail address, and paste into your e-mail application)