Exchange Heart Pillows

The "A Piece of Me" exchange heart pillow allows you to give a piece of your heart to a loved one. It is uniquely designed with a pocket which allows each participant to place special items, notes and reminders of their love shared.

Give A Piece of Yourself

Please consider donating the cost of an Exchange Heart and an Exchange Heart will be donated to military families, children and adults fighting cancer and those fighting other potentially terminal diseases. Your donation will send love to those in need, and a piece of your heart will be in each one given.

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Share a piece of your heart today!
Inseparable Treasures exchange heart pillows were the perfect idea to keep my husband close to me when he left for Iraq! I felt like I always had a piece of him with me, no matter where he was! It’s always the right time for this gift to be given. I got one for my son in the military and another one for my dad back home. I just want them to know how much I love them when we’re so far apart. Money can't buy the response my wife gave me when I gave her the "A Piece of Me" Exchange Heart! My mom was visiting from back east and I gave her the “A Piece of Me” Exchange Heart. She cried and said it was the best gift she has ever received. Thank you! He might not admit it but I saw my husband tear up when I gave him the “A Piece of Me” Exchange heart. I never would’ve believed it could cause that reaction! The exchange heart has been a tangible way to let my son know that no matter where he goes mommy is always in his heart and daddy too.

Share It With

  • Spouses/Significant Others
  • Military Deployment
  • Children of Divorce
  • Young Adults Going to College
  • Traveling/Moving Away
  • Hospital Stays
  • Pre-bereavement
  • Just Because

Insert Personal Items Such As

  • Notes/Pictures
  • Lock of Hair
  • Scent Swatch
  • Jewelry
  • Special Treats
  • Recordings/Music/Voice Messages
  • Poems or Stories