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By state law (63-1-543), all newborns have hearing checked before they leave the hospital. Equipment at the hospital tests to see if an infant's hearing is okay. Babies also are checked to see if they have risks for later developing hearing loss.

Good hearing is important for speech and language development. Hearing problems need to be identified as early as possible. If an infant has a hearing loss, steps can be taken to help the infant learn communication.

If a baby does not pass hearing screening at birth, results are sent to the infant’s doctor. Results are sent to parents too. When an infant does not pass hearing screening, more testing needs to be done. Information about where hearing can be checked is mailed to the family. A baby’s doctor can help find someone to test hearing. Families may be sent to their local county health department. Many health departments have equipment that can test the hearing of infants and toddlers. Testing at the health department is offered at no cost or low cost. If a baby has a hearing problem, help is available to the family through the SoonerStart early intervention program or other special programs for infants and toddlers with hearing loss.

If you have questions about hearing, hearing screening, hearing testing, or about services for infants and children with hearing loss, call the newborn hearing screening program. The toll-free number is 800-766-2223 or in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan area, 271-6617. The phone is answered Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. You can leave a message at other times and staff will return your call. You also can e-mail questions to: Newborn Screening Programs.

Contact Information
1000 NE 10th St., Room 709

Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Phone: 405 . 271.6617
Fax: 405 271.4892
E-Mail: Newborn Screening Programs

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