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A Statewide Resource for Water and Sewer Financing

The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) was created to help communities with financing for qualified infrastructure projects. Infrastructure refers to water and waste water systems as well as storm water drainage and other public facilities.

The RIA offers multiple options for financing critical community infrastructure improvements that will help maintain a safe and healthy environment for residents, support economic development and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Competitive grants are offered to assist in the development of reliable infrastructure statewide and build capacity for economic growth.

Low interest loan financing is also available for infrastructure improvements through the State Revolving Fund (SRF). This program is jointly administered by DHEC and the RIA’s Office of Local Government (OLG). The OLG is responsible for the loan and financial functions of the Drinking Water and Clean Water SRF Programs.

The success of communities is vitally important to our quality of life in South Carolina. One way to build stronger communities is to invest in infrastructure that is capable of supporting homes, schools and businesses. Such investments will help maintain the quality of life for residents and open the door to new opportunities.

Important Dates

Grant Application Deadline: Round 1  September 12, 2016

Grant Quarterly Reports Due:                             January  1, 2017

Grant Application Webinar                            February 2, 2017 (10:00 am)

Grant Application Deadline: Round 2                 March 13, 2017


What's New

NEW! The SC RIA's Board of Directors recently approved $9M in grants for water and sewer infrastructure projects. Learn more. 

• The Standard Interest Rate for the SRF program has been released - 1.90%. Loan Policies have also been updated. Learn more. 

• Read the FY2016 annual report just published by the SC RIA.

• FY17 Grant application now available. Download here