Saturday, December 03, 2016
Site Information
The purpose of this Data Center and IT Sustainability Self-Assessment Site is to provide a standardized set of best practices and energy efficiency assessment tools for all DOE data centers and IT infrastructures and to support the reporting objectives of the DOE Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) Goal 7; Electronic Stewardship and Data Centers. The SSPP Goal 7 objectives address Electronic Purchasing and Disposal practices, IT System Sustainability practices, and Data Center Design and Operations practices. This site is designed to specifically support IT Sustainability and Data Center assessments, Purchasing and Disposal practices should be reported via PPTRS or as directed by the SSPP guidance documentation.
To facilitate the consistent and complete reporting of SSPP associated performance metrics associated with Goal 7, this site allows sites to document current Data Center metrics, conduct an self-assessment on Green IT Best Practices, and develop potential energy conservation and optimization projects based on data center and IT system baselines. Data captured using the self-assessment tools on this site can be used to support automated reporting of SSPP Consolidated Energy Database Report (CEDR) and OMB Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) data and status to the SPO thus reducing the number of and effort associated with CEDR and FDCCI data calls.
This site utilizes the DOE Data Center Energy Profiler Software Tool Suite (DC Pro) developed by the DOE EERE Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) and has been tailored to meet the reporting requirements of the SSPP and FDCCI. As such, sites that have completed DC Pro assessments in the past will find major aspects of the site familiar and in many cases can import legacy DC Pro data (via XML) into the new site reducing the need to re-key data. We have added several capabilities to this site such as IT Sustainability Best Practices self-assessments and a portfolio/project management module for selecting, managing, and reporting projects based on the results of DC Pro and IT Sustainability assessments.
To access this site please login using the login box on the left side of this page. New users can sign up for site access by clicking the register button. If you need assistance or have questions please contact Brett Platko at Email: or Tel: 702-266-6528 for assistance.