Last major update: Apr 30, 2011 at about 9:24 AM Central Time*
Last minor update: Dec 18, 2015 at about 3:30 PM

Major announcements:
YouTube has now been officially abandoned until further notice.

I'm now at Daily Motion but that isn't going to last because DM got much worse so I'm seeing another replacement. Videos will be mainly posted on Facebook until further notice. I may decide on using a file sharing site of some sort.

Until YouTube corrects these 3 issues, there won't be any new videos on YouTube. The existing videos will still remain. However, if YouTube continuously gets worse still, then I'll be deleting my YouTube and transferring everything over to Dailymotion. These are the 3 issues that must be corrected before I'll bother with posting another video to YouTube again - I've had enough of this.

1. Stop the forced G+ integration stuff. This has killed commenting. Once I lost the ability to comment, and for that matter, the ability to moderate comments, I either had to leave comments be or disable them. If I left them be, any bully or troll that would come in saying very offensive things would just be able to keep on doing it and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it at all. I refuse to bother with G+. I don't want it. That's the reason for the complete lack of being able to comment on my videos.

2. Get rid of the 15-minute limit, especially on old, good-standing accounts. I've had my account since May of 2007 making it over 7 1/2 years old. That's even before Google took over. You'd think that, with an account that old and in good standing, I shouldn't have any limitations, especially length and the like. Once this case started, I felt I had a 10% chance per month of abandoning YouTube and it only took barely 2 months before the 10% hit.

3. Bring back the custom thumbnails feature. Quite often, the randomly generated thumbnails, which are randomly chosen from the video, don't always cover what the key focal point of the video is. The custom thumbnails that I use are always still images from the video itself, a still frame, one that's focused on what the video is about. Look at my last 50+ videos over the last few years. A custom thumbnail is always used for these. If you were to watch the video, pay attention to the scenes - you will find that the thumbnail used is one of those frames from the actual video and always one directly related to it.

Given that my YouTube is over 7 1/2 years old, that I have a massive following, and I even get monetization, why should I be losing these privileges that I've had for several years? I haven't done anything wrong! Because of this, YouTube is on my abandoned list until further notice. I'm very mad at them. Oh, and it'll mean that there won't be a music overview video for PM either when I get the scenery done - there's no way it can fit within 60 minutes, the limit of dailymotion, and definitely not within 15 minutes (all songs combined total close to 40 minutes). I will still record the video, it just won't be posted until the length limit on some site goes away... and I might need as much as 2 to even 3 hours. Here's the very last video I've posted on YouTube until further notice - it details what exactly is going on:

Updated Dec 18, 2015

Revision 14 has been released and also, for the first time, the ebook version at Amazon. The prices are $17.95 ($14.95 from Black Friday to the end of the year) and $5.12 ($3.20 during the same holidays) for the ebook version. Revision 14 has a slightly brighter cover image and mostly involves missing commas for corrections. (Updated Dec 18, 2015)

I've added a new document detailing the future camera upgrade I have, to a DSLR. You can read the full details here, complete with a video detailing why I want to upgrade and all the known future plans I have once the camera is obtained.

I wrote a new book, one that's 2 1/2 times bigger than the first one. It's so big that, even with font size 10.5 instead of 12, it's 538 pages, nearly twice as much as 10EM. The Secret in the Basement is also far more character-driven and much more like playing an actual role-playing game. Unfortunately, because I ran out of time to release it for the holidays, the book isn't fully completed. The story is complete but some of the maps are left out. Because of this, and knowing that digital copies get free updates, I'm releasing SitB as digital only for $5.12 (the early bird price). Having worked on it for an average of 60 hours a week (80 to even 90 hours a week during the last 2 weeks alone), I need a big break, but when that's over wtih, I intend on finishing up the maps and getting the print copy released. The prices for the print copy are not yet official, but guaranteed for one year after the print copy's release is the early bird pricing, a rather low price, lower than even the typical holiday pricing. The most likely price range for the early bird is $18.95 to $21.97 ($20.48 most likely) for paperback and $27.95 to $32.97 ($30.72 most likely) for hard cover. Those prices will increase to $23.95 to $28.97 (most likely $25.60) for paperback and $31.95 to $36.95 for hard cover (most likely $34.56).

Regular announcements:
Order my book here.

Watch my gaming live! (Check PM's forums here for when I'm streaming. Do note that I've switched to Twitch, no longer using Livestream.)

New!: I upgraded to Windows 7 due to Microsoft being annoying and pretty much forcing it. Don't worry though, Platform Masters is still in tact as it's part of my main data backup. You can read the full story here: the full story behind the upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows XP.

New!: I finished writing a new page. Have you ever wondered what activities I would love to do? To see the list, see my greatest wishes.

Announcement: I know it's been almost 2 years since I last updated the main site. I have a half-inch thick stack of papers to copy over, so much that it'll take 2 weeks to do and I need TV to do it. Without TV, it will get boring really fast. However, I've been updating PM's site much more frequently. The biggest and most frequent updates are not on YouTube any more (due to design changes, often for the worse), it's PM's new forum (set up on, of all days, Feb 29, 2012) - I update the "News and Announcements" section daily on average. That's right, not once every month or, lately, a year, but daily. Visit PM's forum here. Registration is not required to view anything, including any news. However, if you want to post anything, then you will need to register. You won't be able to post in the News and Announcements section though, not even moderators can. The News and Announcements section isn't just for PM's progress, but also when I'm streaming and also upcoming events. If you want to discuss something, just start a new thread in the news discussion forum.

Ulillillia City Software - play it YOUR way
Ulillillia City Software logo - a space city drifts freely among the background stars with colorful 3D text in front

1 Welcome!

Welcome to Ulillillia City! In Ulillillia City, you'll find tips and tricks that'll help with math, computer operation, and a few others. I have free games you can make and play with common household materials like dice or marbles. My extensive dream journal with over 750 entries is probably one of the largest online dream journals. From school and my dreams or strange events I have in my mind game, I have some stories available. Along with that, I have two computer games I'm working on, "The Supernatural Olympics" and a 2D RPG game. Best of all, there isn't a hint of advertising on my website. The only ads, my own creations from 2002, are in one isolated area. My site is best viewed at 800x600 resolution at true color (24 or 32-bit color). For areas with screenshots and photos, 1024x768 is optimal.

Lost? Don't know how to navigate? I've explained the basic design of my site (needs to be updated) and how it's organized from page to page. The categories are in the links below.

Note: My website is currently undergoing a redesign so some pages (stalled since 2007), especially those that haven't been updated in at least one year, will have a somewhat different format and style. Documents ending with ".html" are the very old documents not having been updated since July of 2005 at the latest.

2 News and latest updates

My blog contains the latest news and updates in more detail than described in this area and events going back when I began it in late 2004. This area only shows the last few updates' headlines very briefly.

Apr 30, 2011: Platform Masters crosses the halfway point and has its own domain name. Finalization of PM's design has started. I've dealt over a billion total damage in Disgaea 1 and I'm working on this kind of thing for Disgaea 2. I also had 2 vacations within only 29 days, a first. I might have a film crew coming. Might and Magic - my first known WRPG. The basement flooded. 36 new dreams recalled, one of which posted as a story (a first in 2 years). Livestream was attempted, but having technical problems. I may have a published question in Astronomy magazine's Ask Astro section. Various other ideas and things are also available.

Jun 23, 2010: My first book, "The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters", has been released for sale and is now in book stores. Platform Masters has nearly all scenery graphics done... if only I can get myself to convert to SDL. I also got Disgaea Hour of Darkness - 850 hours logged in just 5 1/3 months! Various other games were played including Mega Man Legends, all the old NES Mega Man games (via Anniversary Collection), FF9, FF10, and FF12. Roof repairs completed though cleanup is still in the works. I saw HDTV and a laundromat for the first time. 53 new dreams have been added with a new recurring theme. An idea for the origins of spiral galaxies was thought of. There's a lot of other lesser important events over the unusually long 10 1/2-month span.

3 The categories

3.1 Feature descriptions

There are ten categories. There is the link to the category index or a single page (in rare cases). Frequently updated areas or important areas have a quick link to them such as my dream journal. There are two sections for each category listed.

Updates - Updates to existing documents, new documents added, or considerable fixes are noted here. The level indicates how big the update is. The FAQ explains this in more depth (see category 7). 0 is a very minor update while 10 is a major update. 2 through 5 are the most common. Larger updates remain here longer (level 6 and beyond in particular) and are colored and enlarged to stand out. Small updates (level 5 and below) only last a minimum of one week and are not colored or enlarged.

Future plans - These are future updates I plan on doing at some later time. Some may stick around for years while others are accomplished within one or two updates later, depending mainly on my motive.

3.2 List of categories

Site map - the content of all categories put together in one expanded out.

- the main index

1 Tips and tricks - From math shortcuts and tricks, and using the computer, to food and drink, and tips to save money, I have tips and tricks to make things easier and better. (note: some documents in here haven't been updated since 2003 (or 2005 for a select few)).
2 Help promote my site - If you like my site, feel free to promote it using the banners I've created. Instructions for using them are given on the page. Caution: These haven't been updated since 2002 (!) and do not apply to my site anymore now....
3 Features - my mind game, Color System, the frequently used work-in-progress compatibility/motive system, and other reports.
4 About Me - things about me such as my rapidly-growing dream journal, my history, and my blog.
5 Games index - Games you can make and play using common household objects like dice, paper, and marbles. My games often allow for solo play, but can be multiplayer as well. Caution: These documents haven't been updated in a long time (from 1 to 3 years), but are still generally correct.
6 Stories - a collection of various stories, especially The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters, The Secret in the Basement, and details of very well-recalled dreams.
7 Ulillillia City website FAQ - Frequently asked questions for my website in general - the main FAQ page and a glossary of commonly-used terms. For the FAQ related to music, my animations, or my 2D game, see the relevant pages.
8 My animated GIF collection - I make complex-behaving animations, many of which from my mind game. The bulk of my animated GIFs are here. This document is quite likely to be dumped.
9 Game development
- My computer games I'm making, featuring my 2D action game, The Supernatural Olympics (view update checklist), and my 2D platform game, Platform Masters

10 Other - things that don't fit any other category well such as experiments, how I process my music, video game screenshots section or even a behind-the-scenes look at how I update my website.
Site map - the content of all categories put together in one expanded out.

Link not working? Image not there? Do you have a suggestion or a question? Feel free to E-mail me or. Due to the overwhelming amounts of spam I get (see here and here for my most extreme examples (and that's accumulated in just 5 days as messages over 5 days old are automatically deleted)) and research into spambots, I'm using an image for my E-mail instead. It's a 3D image created in Gamestudio (now abandoned), which needs replacement.

Warning: DO NOT send any attachments! If you do, your message will never be opened. If you need to point to an image or something, give a full URL to it instead so I can examine it. This is for security and safety reasons. If you want to send an attachment in an E-mail, you must get permission first in a separate E-mail. To get permission, just ask and let me know what you want to send.

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High-res version

Privacy notice: I will never release your E-mail to anyone or post it anywhere. It is only used to reply to your messages. I do mention of receiving E-mail's from fans in my blog and other places on my site (much like news item #12 in my March 2007 blog, but your E-mail, name, etc. will never be mentioned anywhere. I do keep most E-mails, but they are very frequently forgotten about and I will not send any E-mails when I haven't gotten any messages from you in more than a week. Mentioning direct E-mails causes spambots to index them and considering my extreme cases of junk mail (as from the two links above), I know how ridiculous and annoying it gets.

* All times mentioned on my site are of Central Time, the time zone in which Chicago and my home town are in. All dates are of the Dec xx, 200x format where the first 3 letters of the month name are given, followed by the day number then the four-digit year. If I went with the number format of 07/09/06, it could mean one of six (!) possible dates due to the various date formats. The two most common ones, from what I've seen anyway, could be July 9, 2006 or September 7, 2006. To prevent this possible confusion, I use the full format with the first three letters of the month. After all, something could be stated as 02/06/04 as the last update and it may even be thought of as April 2, 2006 rather than my intended February 6, 2004.