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    Unemployment Rate (Statewide): Georgia’s unemployment rate increased to 5.2 percent in October from 5.1 percent in September 2016. The rate was 5.5 percent in October a year ago. More

    Jobs: In October 2016, Georgia added 6,700 jobs over the month and employment is up 97,100 over the year. More

    Claims: In October 2016, Georgians filed 29,355 initial claims for unemployment benefits; up 4,952 over the month and down 274 over the year. More

    Unemployment Rate (Areas)October 2016 unemployment rates for areas in Georgia. More

    Employ Georgia: Create an account or sign-in, build or upload a résumé, view job postings, save your job searches to receive notifications of new job postings. More

    Occupational Outlook Handbook (new version): find career information on duties, education and training, pay, and outlook for hundreds of occupations. More


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