Maximize mail processing efficiency with intelligent postage metering technology and detailed spending reports

Low Volume Postage Meters

IS-280 Postage Meter
IS-280 iMeter Postage Meter

Perfect for Small Office and Home Office Mailing

No more waiting in line at the post office or overpaying with stamps. The IS-280 was designed for businesses with low mailing volume who still want the...

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IN-360 Postage Meter
IN-360 Postage Meter

The Versatile Choice for Small Business Mailing and Shipping

The IN-360 provides a suite of services and apps intended to improve postal processing, parcel shipping and related digital communications.

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Mid Volume Postage Meters

IN-600 HF Postage Meter
IN-600 HF Mailing System

The Postage Machine Designed for Any Mailroom Environment

When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Neopost IN-600 Series with NeoShip delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility....

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IN-600 AF Postage Mailing Machine
IN-600 AF Mailing System

The Practical and Versatile Choice for Moving Your Mail

The IN-600 AF is built to move your mail with the highest level of efficiency with auto-feed technology and a growing suite of postal services and apps....

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IN-610 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail
IN-610 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail

All-in-One Touch Screen for Convenient Mailing, Shipping and Accounting

The IN-610 maximizes efficiency by centralizing all mail center operations into a single workstation with a large touch screen display.

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IN-700 Postage Meter
IN-700 Mailing System

Maximize Control of Shipping and Mailing Operations

The capabilities of the IN-700 exceed those of a traditional mailing system with high production speeds and detailed account and expense reporting features...

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High Volume Postage Meters

IN-710/760 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail
IN-710/760 Mailing System powered by RunMyMail

Mailing, Shipping and Accounting from One Centralized Workstation

Centralize mail operations, process mail, parcels and generate reports with the touch of a finger on the large touch screen display.

Touch screen...
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IN-750 postage meter
IN-750 Mailing System

The Powerful Mailing Solution for Optimizing Your Mail Center

The IN-750 is part of the latest generation of mailing systems powered by the iMeter™ postage meter and a suite of digital apps.

Power conveyor stacker...
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IS-6000 Mailing System
IS-5000/6000 Mailing Systems

Meter your mail at up to 300 pieces per minute

Designed with the operator in mind, all mailing operations are controlled from the same area, creating the ideal ergonomic process and increased mail...

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IJ-15K Digital postage meter
IJ-15K Digital Mailing System

High-Performance Digital In-Line Metering System

The Neopost IJ-15K is a specially designed, high-volume metering system that has the ability to connect in-line to production inserters.

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Envelope Messaging and Advertising

NeoSlogan, Personalized Communications in 3 Easy Steps

Personalize your mail pieces with NeoSlogan! From text messages to eye catching images and company logos, NeoSlogan customizes your mail pieces in minutes...

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