The Xdeb31 Project
- How to Install Debian Linux on the IBM Think Pad-X31 -
Introduction: This webpage shows the installation process for an IBM Thinkpad X31 working under Debinan Linux. It also makes suggestions for free software that can be used to fit everyday software demands.
It shows that the shipment of end user friendly laptops running under Linux is not just possible, but furthermore lead to a product that offers more service for the customers while product costs are sinking (no software licenses necessary).
For those interrested in technical detail: The X31 is running under Kernel 2.6.12 with ACPI support and software suspend 2.
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  • Installation of Debian and setup of Hardware:
        - Sarge (using DVD/CD-Rom)
        - Woody (using USB-Floppy)
  • Setup of Additional Hardware:
        - Printer
        - External USB-HDD
        - USB-DVD-RW Drive
        - USB Mouse
  • Selected Software for:
        - Internet
        - Office
        - Multimedia
        - System
        - Games
  • Appendix:
  • Build in Hardware
  • Credits and References
  • Compile a Own Kernel

  • Last Update: 8.8.2005
    Written by: Sebastian Böll - Email:
    Credits to: Eric Auer, Albert Dengg, Torsten Werner, Nat Makarevitch, Sebastian Schaffert, Kit Peters
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