There are patterns that one can see, only if they are open and have enough information to digest. More than half of people are neither interested nor informed enough to see them, plentiful only not interested, and then some who are interested but keep it to themselves because arguing with people who are not interested, or do not want to be informed, is tiresome.

So, usually, these patterns eventually take "supernatural status" by most and are called "prophecies" or "visions" - not that any super-natural phenomenon is at play, but just because the pattern is too subtle for them to see themselves.

Today is November 29th, 2016 (henceforth quoted only as "today"), and here are some patterns (that are clear for at least a decade, but I am publishing today) that are such "prophecies". 

  • Today, humans are divided mostly by those who pursue patterns, and those who follow them. While some believe the future will see humanity breaking in two (like in the works of H.G.Wells on "Time Machine"), it is more likely that these will merge once complete machine-human interface is developed, and all become pattern pursuers - if not one entity.
  • Weather is changing rapidly since the late 20th century, and the only explanation is human-made impact, and it will cause major disruption. Unfortunately, the multi-layered cyclic nature of climate (as well the speed at which it happens, where "rapidly changing" is within decades and centuries, not millennia) is too complex for most people to comprehend, and global acceptance and changes will not happen as soon as required to stop serious damage. As of today, clear signs of change have already happened. By the second half of the 21th century, this should be as clear as the sky (literally)
  • Destructive-only tools are neither a necessity, nor a right. Thus, correct people have neither the use - nor should them - for gun ownership. One day, not even security forces will have them (as in some developed countries already do today)
  • From the above, while the world still doesn't provide a world where people are not safe, gun ownership is part of the problem, and only increase intimidation and violent outcomes.
  • Discrimination, in any form, can only cease to exist once the existence of acknowledgements of differences also ceases. As long as there are any form of definition of differences, there will be discrimination, since defining diferences is part of discrimination.
  • From the above, discrimination and prejudice cannot, therefore, end until people stop giving attention to it.
  • Non-human Intelligence (or popularly known Artificial Intelligence) is an inevitability and also the end of human civilization, dawning a new age. As of today, no Non-human Intelligence has been achieved, and it should take at least other 20 years to appear.
  • The end of senescence (immortality) is also inevitable, and should happen around the same time as Non-human intelligence, but be certainly perfected (if not altogether created) by it. As such, should come to be around mid-century. The mandatory discoveries before it happens are the cure and prevention of Cancer, solving the Hayfick limit (either if it is associated in part of full on Telomere shortening), and genetic hardening (artificial or not - this means removing defects and useless codes, and fixing sub-optimal ones, as well adding improvements when possible).
  • The end of senescence and probable increase in intelligence from genetic hardening and general culture spread will bring climate change to be fully accepted and understood, since immortals won't have the excuse of "not happening in my life time" for not worrying about it. Humans are, by instinct, egocentric, thus limited lifetimes prevents them from worrying about anything past certain timelines. Either if weather will be a problem by then is dependent on how humans desire to preserve the planet, since technology will keep humanity safe from weather changes.
  • Capitalism, or more broadly any form of monetary economy, is only a stop-gap between savagery and transcendence. It is destined to crumble, because if is fueled by social inequality, and learning how to phase it out is the most important societal issue humanity faces today. As of today, some steps toward it have been taken, with some countries adopting universal base wages for everyone.
  • Utopias is boring, and the only solution for it are science and exploration (even entertainment is prone to be repetitive). By late century, there will be a shift towards pure science and exploration as part of entertainment as all the above mentioned changed come to bear.
  • One of the last great evolution of mankind will be the end of gender (the last difference, the last discrimination), cementing the end of humans as part of nature.

Added December 6th 2016:

  • Laws exist to fill the lack of morals and ethics by people, where common sense and general welfare fail in some. As humans mature, laws will no longer be necessary. Similarly, small minds will always hide behind established laws to perform non constructive acts or seek validation for it. Good ethic people with morals don't need laws, for their lifestyle already covers it.
  • Hurting any sort of innocent people is not constructive or civil, past of future. Unfortunately, while humans are not mature, some validate their actions based on the fact an event happened "before it was forbidden", or seek gaps on laws.
  • No acts, be it during wartime or not, are excusable from the above.