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Few notes about the following pages:


These pages were born to support and spread the culture and the use of the fisheye lens, to give the users and the collectors a complete resource for researching and orienteering in this strange world.

The core of it all is a big survey, continuously updated, as more news or even exemplars come into my hands or some good friend's ones.
This work was compiled in its first shape between 2006-2007, on the basis of the original fish list, by Willem-Jan Markerink. The intent is to catalogue any fisheye lens ever produced, for both collecting and use purpose, with a specific attention to panoramic photography. Many references and infos were collected with the aid of other fisheye enthusiasts, who accorded their permission for this limited use. Without them this site would never been possible

The survey is divided into 7 main parts.
1) digital camera specifically projected fisheyes, APSc or fourthirds formats.
2) 35mm cameras fisheye, film or digital, divided in a-m and n-z pages
3) underwater fisheyes
4) medium format cameras fisheyes.
5) cloud cameras, fisheye cameras, customs, and others.
6) c-mount video fisheyes
7) fisheye adapters, or converters, limited to most famous ones, trying to track compatibility

Then we have the X-FILES, unknown and strange lenses that are still not in theDB

Addictionally there are other sections dedicated to
Links and References, to cover all technical and theoretical aspects

All pictures and info on this page are copyrighted from the authors. Any unauthorized use of these pictures and informations is forbidden, included online auctions, and is a violation of international copyright laws.