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The SPDF is a project of the Heliophysics Science Division (HSD) at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. SPDF consists of web-based services for survey and high resolution data and trajectories. The Facility supports data from most NASA Heliophysics missions to promote correlative and collaborative research across discipline and mission boundaries. Read More here.

News & Announcements

NOTICE: The MMS Level 2 data products are now available via SPDF FTP/HTTP and many data sets are available in CDAWeb . The range of publicly available MMS data will continue to be updated approximately weekly.

NOTICE: January 1st 2017 leap second notice: CDF User's are strongly encouraged to upgrade to CDF3.6.3.

page icon  New CDF Version 3.6.3 Released

Common Data Format (CDF) Version 3.6.3 is now available. We strongly urge all CDF users to promptly upgrade their CDF software to better ensure the correct handling of times after the 2017 January 1st leap second. Updates for Perl, IDL, Matlab, and Java interfaces and the SKTeditor CDF editor are also available. CDAWeb is receiving and also producing CDF V3.6 files. For further details and changes, see the CDF release notes.

page icon  Revised Definition of the Sunspot Number Index

Sunspot Number Index values 1963-2015 in OMNI have been updated to the revised Version 2 definition now used by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (see The updated values are generally larger by factors 1.2-1.7 and can be compared in detail using OMNIWeb's sunspot index comparison tool.

  Email list for SPDF Announcements

Please sign up for an email list of announcements related to SPDF software and services (changes, upgrades, outages). Postings to will be very infrequent but are especially useful to regular users of our web services and Java clients (CDAWeb+, xSonify, TIPSOD). To subscribe, go to or send an email to

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