U.S. Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Geoscience Data System (CMGDS) - a portal for oceans and coastal data including seismics, sidescan sonar, bathymetry, lidar, samples, gravity, and magnetic data

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GIS Data Portals

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USGS Coastal Change Hazards Portal

Products from three coastal hazard themes: severe storms, shoreline change, and sea-level rise. Read more

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CMGP Video and Photography Portal

Photography and video from several USGS Coastal and Marine Geology Program projects. Read more

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CMGP Internet Map Server and GIS Data

This collection includes maps displaying available GIS data from various research programs. Read more

Veiwing coastal change mapping information.

SPCMSC Internet Map Server and GIS Data

This collection includes Lidar data used to examine coastal change and erosion. Read more

Data Collections and Viewers

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USGS Information for Marine Planners and Resource Managers

As the Nation's premier earth and biological science agency, USGS provides marine resource managers with data, models, and tools for use in planning and managing human activities in the ocean and along the coast.    Read more

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GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean

The data in this collection can be viewed as geo-referenced information using viewers developed at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University for the exploration and visualization of earth science data.    Read more

Maps of data locations.

U.S. Geological Survey Oceanographic Time-Series Data

This server contains time series oceanographic data collected by USGS investigators and collaborators as part of experiments to study circulation and sediment transport in the coastal ocean. Read more

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National Archive of Marine Seismic Surveys - USGS

USGS conducts geologic mapping, assessments and research about resource availability in the Exclusive Economic Zone - an area of sea bottom larger than the entire continental landmass of the United States.    Read more

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US Geological Survey - West Coast Geological Sample Repository

The US Geological Survey's West Coast (USGSMP) marine geology sample repository is a US government-funded facility that houses a national archive of marine bottom samples in the offices of the Western Region's Coastal and Marine Geology (CMG) team. For more information contact mtorresan@usgs.gov.    Read more

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US Geological Survey - CMGP Sediment/Core Archive

The Woods Hole Science Center's (WHSC) and Saint Petersburg Center's (SPCMSC) Core and Sediment Archive serves the scientific community through sample data storage and organization, providing accurate answers to inquiries regarding sample metadata, and protecting the physical integrity of these samples. For more information contact gs-wh_curator@usgs.gov    Read more

About this Site

This web site provides data services for the published data of the The U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program (CMGP). Access to CMGP data is provided via Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards services; serving CMGP data to GeoMapApp and Virtual Ocean 2-D and 3-D earth browsing tools, for data integration, visualization and analysis; and metadata catalogs for data discovery. Currently this site contains seismic, sidescan sonar, bathymetry, gravity, magnetic, and lidar data. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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Sound Waves
Northern U.S. Atlantic margin, showing major canyons that cut through the continental shelf, seeps, and piston cores

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U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit made possible by various U.S. federal government agencies.

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