2013 Deployment Tracking Survey Results

Continuing advancement in communications, electronics, and computing offers the opportunity to revolutionize the management and operation of the surface transportation system. The U.S. Department of Transportation and its member agencies have pursued a research and development agenda, the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Program, designed to integrate the latest in information technologies to improve the safety, mobility, and reliability of surface transportation. Within metropolitan areas, implementation of these technologies has been carried out by a variety of state and local transportation management agencies. In order to measure the deployment of ITS technology nationally, the ITS Deployment Tracking Project surveys transportation agencies in the largest U.S. cities on a regular basis. The Deployment Tracking Project has conducted national surveys on a regular basis since 1997, with the most recent previous survey conducted in 2010. This site presents results of the 2013 National ITS Deployment Tracking survey.

Nearly 2,100 surveys were distributed to state and local transportation agencies in 2013. A total of seven survey types were distributed, targeting the key agencies within a metropolitan transportation infrastructure: freeway management, arterial management, transit management, transportation management center (TMC), electronic toll collection (ETC), public safety – law enforcement, and public safety – fire/rescue.

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