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List Description
ASLI Atmospheric Science Librarians International
Beachwatchlist [no description available]
BRAN Boulder Research and Administrative Network
BRAN-Tech BRAN Technical Committee
CarbonTracker CarbonTracker announcements
Cleanmarinas Clean Marinas
Coastsurvey [no description available]
cog Earth System CoG project
cog_info Notifications of downtimes and releases of the CoG software
cog_support Earth System CoG support
cog_tech CoG Technical Discussions
Cordellbank Cordell Bank
ct_info General announcements for ClimateTranslator
ct_support Climate Translator Support
cupid Cupid IDE Project
cupid_tech Technical aspects of Cupid IDE development
curator Earth System Curator discussion
curator_hydro Curator climate - hydrology project
Czmstaff [no description available]
downscaling_metadata Development of new metadata for downscaling of climate
Downscaling_metadata_support Support for the downscaling metadata project
es-doc Earth System Documentation Project
es-doc-ci-builds Mailing list for error messages in es-doc automatic builds
es-doc-contact Public contact email for the Earth System Documentation project
es-doc-info Public announcement list for ES-DOC
es-doc-pi PI mailing list for the Earth System Documentation Project
es-doc-support ES-DOC project support
es-fdl-tech Technical discussions for the ES-FDL project.
esmf_adv ESMF Advisory Board
esmf_commits Commits to the ESMF repository
esmf_community Notification List for ESMF Community Meetings
esmf_core Core ESMF Development Team List
esmf_crb ESMF Change Review Board
esmf_exec ESMF Executive Board
esmf_iawg ESMF Interagency Working Group
esmf_info Regular Mailings on ESMF Progress and Events
esmf_jst ESMF Joint Specification Team Discussion
esmf_participants ESMF annual meeting participants
esmf_reg Registered ESMF Users
esmf_support ESMF Technical Support
esmf_test Core ESMF Development Team List
espc-aoli ESPC Air-Ocean-Land-Ice Global Coupled Prediction
espc-appigo Accelerated Prediction of the Polar Ice and Global Ocean
espc-infra Optimized Infrastructure for ESPC
espc-numa NPS-NRL-Rice-UIUC Collaboration
espc-rrtmgp A High-Performance Broadband Radiation Code for the Next Decade
espc_tech Technical mailing list for the ESPC project Estuaries Education
FGBNMSdiving FGBNMSdiving
FGBNMSeducation FGBNMSeducation
FGBNMSfishing FGBNMSfishing
FGBNMSupdates [no description available]
FGBNMSvolunteers [no description available]
Fknmsvolunteers FKNMS Volunteers
Floridakeysreview Florida Keys Review
FosterScholarAlumni Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars Alumni
FRACRS Front-Range Atmospheric Carbon ReseacherS
Geomagnetism World Magnetic Model
gip_sc Global Interoperability Program Steering Committee
Gnome-users Discussion of the use of NOAA's GNOME model
Graysreefnews Grays Reef News
GRNMSeducation GRNMS Education Announcements
Grnmsvolunteers GRNMS Volunteers
Hihumpbackwhale HI Humpback Whale NMS
Hudson-NRDA Hudson NRDA
Infoexchange Information Exchange for Marine Educators
Lake-erie-hab-bulletin Lake Erie HAB Bulletin
Library NOAA Central and Regional Libraries
macgurus OS X user mailing list
Mailman [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
MBNMSbaynet Bay Net
MBNMSbeachcombers MBNMS BeachCOMBERS
MBNMSbtapinterests MBNMS BTAP Interests
MBNMScamarinebirdinterest CA Marine Bird Interest
MBNMScdcdocents MBNMS CDC Docents
MBNMScwg MBNMS CWG mailing list
MBNMScwginterests MBNMS CWG Interests
MBNMSgeneralinfo MBNMS General Information
MBNMSmonitoringnetwork Volunteer Monitoring Network
MBNMSpublicrelations MBNMS Public Relations
MBNMSrap MBNMS RAP mailing list
MBNMSresearchinterests MBNMS Research Interests
MBNMSsac MBNMS SAC mailing list
MBNMSsacinterests MBNMS SAC Interest
MBNMSsecdocents MBNMS SEC Docents
MBNMSsep MBNMS SEP mailing list
MBNMSstaff MBNMS Staff
MBNMSteachers MBNMS Teachers
MPACenterWave MPA Center Connection
N-wave_stats N-Wave flow statistics
Nancyfosterscholars Dr. Nancy Foster Scholars
ncpp_2013_workshop Group announcements for the workshop
ncpp_contact List for externals to contact NCPP
ncpp_core NCPP Core Team
ncpp_csat NCPP Climate Science Applications Team
ncpp_eb NCPP Executive Board
ncpp_info NOAA Climate Projection Pilot Information
ncpp_tech NOAA Climate Projection Pilot Technical
ncpp_tech_review NCPP Technical Review list
Nerrs-ctp-listserve NERRS CTP
Nerrseducators NERRS Educators
Nerrsmanagers NERRS Managers
nesii NOAA Environmental Software Infrastructure and Interoperability Group
nesii_cloud NESII Cloud Computing
nesii_webmaster NESII webmaster NGS News
Ngs_cors_news NGS CORS News
NMSEducation NMS Education
Nmsvolunteers NMS Volunteers
Noaa-web-systemadmin List of Web Server Administrators at NOAA
NOAAclimatestewards [no description available]
Noaacsp-data [no description available]
noaalibs NOAA Library and Information Network
Noaalibs_reorg NOAA library staff only
Noaasocsci NOAA Social Science Listserv
Nos-preflight list prefilght mailing list
Nos_social_media_contacts Nos Social Media Contacts
Noslistcontacts NOS List Contacts
Nosupdates NOS update
NOSwebadmin NOS Web Administration
NWHI Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
Oceanexplorer Ocean Explorer general interest list
ocgis_info OpenClimateGIS information list
ocgis_reg OCGIS Download Registration List
ocgis_support OpenClimateGiS Support
Oe-education Ocean Explorer Education
OneNOAAscienceseminars OneNOAA Science Seminars
Open.ogc NOAA OPENGEO Project Support
Psd_cmip5 [no description available]
Reanalyses-atm Atmospheric Reanalysis Intercomparison list
Reanalyses-data Observational data for reanalysis intercomparison list
Reanalyses-notify Status Updates
Reanalyses-ocean Oceanic reanalysis intercomparison list
Reanalysis_20cr-notify 20th Century Reanalysis Status updates
Researchfgbnms Research FGBNMS
Response-geo-standards [no description available]
Sanctuaryeducation Sanctuary Education
Sanctuarywatch Sanctuary Watch
STAR-SW-Dev NESDIS/STAR's software developers forum
Teacher-at-sea-alumni Teacher at Sea Alumni
Vdatum.announce VDatum Announce
Woc-outages WOC Outage List
Woc-test [no description available]
WRF-Chem-discussions [no description available]
Wx_at_11 GSD weather briefing notification list

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