Historic Preservation and Environmental Restoration

The Pribilof Islands are a unique and remote place off the coast of Alaska. They have biological and cultural significance to the Aleut Alaska Native community and to the state of Alaska. Explore the history, culture, ecology, and recovery of the islands from the time of the United States purchase in 1867 through 2007.

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Natural Resources

A rich array of biological resources makes the Pribilof Islands unique. The rocky tundra and intertidal environments provide breeding grounds for millions of seabirds, and many species of land and marine mammals.

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Human settlement of the Pribilof Islands started thousands of years ago with migrations from eastern Asia. During the eighteen century, the lure of the fur seal brought Russian traders to the region followed by Americans in 1867 with a long line of federal agency administration.

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Collections of images drawings, maps and records that document island life, natural resources, the fur-seal trade and restoration projects.

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