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OAR Leadership Effectiveness & Advancement Program (LEAP)


Application Period NOW OPEN until September 9th

Complete and submit your applciation by September 9th
for considersation in the 2012 LEAP Class


What is LEAP?

LEAP is a unique, one-year, intensive and interactive leadership development opportunity sponsored by OAR to promote leadership throughout the organization.

LEAP supports OAR and NOAA by encouraging leadership growth and personal and professional development through focused training, peer coaching, and personal assessments and progress evaluations. 

LEAP is designed to innovate formal and informal leadership experiences, incubate a diverse cadre of leaders, and integrate professional performance and personal preferences and proficiencies for organizational success.

LEAP was created to provide current and future OAR leaders opportunity for professional and personal development. This program includes training, coaching, and on-going assessments. OAR leadership recognized that potential leaders exist throughout OAR and NOAA, and encourage diverse and inclusive participation. Over 40 individuals participated in the first class, with approximately half coming from OAR HQ and half from labs and programs, plus a few individuals from other line offices.  We hope the 2012 class has the same breadth, diversity, and enthusiasm.  Will you be in it?

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What to Expect

  • LEAP is designed to be a comprehensive development program
  • Using many modes of learning
  • Allowing participants to learn more about themselves and get perspectives on strengths and weaknesses and how they can develop skills to improve
  • Opportunity for 360 reviews and peer coaching
  • Learn to give and receive feedback
  • Learn from great outside speakers, and from each other

Need more information? Contact a LEAP Ambassador today, or send a message to the
LEAP Coordinator.


LEAP Requirements
c Highlights from LEAP I
c LEAP Presentation (.ppt)
c LEAP Flyer & Brochure (.pdf)
LEAP Article



Applications Due:
September 9, 2011

There is no learning in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the learning zone.  - Walt Childress

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September 6, 2011

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