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Hazard Day 1 (Dec 08)Day 2 (Dec 09)Day 3 (Dec 10)
Excessive Rainfall No AreaNo AreaNo Area
Heavy Snow (≥ 4”)HighHighHigh
Ice (≥ 0.25”)No AreaNo AreaNo Area
Day 4-7 (Dec 11 - Dec 15)
Day 4-7 Hazards are currently available at the Climate Prediction Center
National Forecast Charts Legacy Page:
Valid Thu Dec 8, 2016
Day 1 image not available
North American Surface Analysis Legacy Page:
Analyzed at 15Z Wed Dec 07, 2016
Day 9 image not available
Surface Fronts and Sea-Level Pressures Legacy Page:
Analyzed 15Z Thu Dec 08, 2016
Day 1 image not available
Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 00Z 12/09/2016 - 00Z 12/10/2016
Day 1 image not available
Excessive Rainfall Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 15Z Thu Dec 08 2016 - 12Z Fri Dec 09 2016
Day 1 image not available
Winter Weather Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 12Z 12/08/2016 - 12Z 12/09/2016
Day 1 image not available
Medium Range Forecasts Legacy Page:
Valid 12Z Sun Dec 11, 2016
Day 1 image not available
Forecast Tools (Prototype):

1/3/6/24-hr Changes

Change in weather parameters over the last 1/3/6/24 hours. The data used here is either from the Real-Time Mesoscale Analysis (RTMA) or the Rapid Refresh (RAP). The RTMA is shown at its native resolution of 2.5km and is used for surface variables. The RAP is shown at 32km (native resolution 13km) and is primarily used for non-surface (i.e., upper level) variables. For more information please see the RTMA or the RAP website.

GEFS Probabilities

This forecast product shows probabilistic information for the lower 48 states from the GEFS. This updates four times daily. Probabilities of exceeding or remaining less than such variables as precipitation, temperature, or sea-level pressure at various thresholds are displayed.