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Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine


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The Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine is a collaboration between the Providence VA Medical Center and Brown University.  The mission of the Center is to improve function for individuals with limb trauma by developing advanced solution for the restoration of limb function.  To achieve this goal, the Center brings to bear state-of-the art techniques in tissue engineering, orthopaedics, neurotechnology, prosthetic design, and rehabilitation.  These are complementary techniques and converge in the concept if the biohybrid limb - composed of both biological and non-biological materials - enabling us to envision solutions that transcend the limitations of biological tissue or prosthetic materials alone. 

Biohybrid structures are composed of both biological tissue and non-biological components.  Examples in current clinical use are joint replacements, in which metal implants are integrated directly into bone.  Biohybrid structures often have unique physical and physiological properties resulting form the integration of tissues and materials that require full understanding before they can be most effectively utilized in the clinical setting.  Biohybrid limb research integrates independent developments in regenerative medicine, neurotechnology, prosthetics, and orthopaedics to maximize limb function.

Long term goals for the Center are to:

  • develop biomimetric prostheses
  • optimize the human-prosthesis interface with neural control devices, osseointegrated fixation, and lengthening of short residual limbs.
  • explore regenerative medicine techniques for tissue restoration.
  • develop advanced rehabilitation strategies for both physical and emotional injuries.

The Center for Restorative and Regenerative Medicine is located in Building 32 at the Providence VA Medical Center, 830 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island  02908.  Contact us - Phone: (401)273-7100 Ext. 6236, Fax: (401)457-3311, email: John.Parkhurst@va.gov or Nancy.Gilbride@va.gov.